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Almost There

I know what you're all beginning to think. Didn't Colleen have a lot of projects in the works?

She does! And one by one they're all coming to completion. I think that FO posts will need to wait until next week

Shannon's Very Necessary Sweater is quickly drawing to a conclusion. Only an inch or two more left on the turtleneck. I'll compare its length to another turtleneck to see if I'm anywhere near a realistic bind-off point.


Did you read the weather forecast for Boston tomorrow? It's starting off warm, and finishing with rain. Yuck-o! I'm thinking that this sweater will be perfect in place of a jacket tomorrow morning, and I can easily supplement it with a light coat tomorrow evening.

I "Heart" Knitting!

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all!

With Miranda's mittens atop the FO pile chez Subway Knitter, it's time to turn my yarny attentions to the second sleeve. What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to turn to another project that I love? [I'll admit that tucking into some chocolate wouldn't be a bad alternative. Mmmm, chocolate!]

Not that I didn't love knitting those mittens--I hold a special place in my heart for small projects, and Cascade 220. But, this project was a surprise. I've written before that I expected a mostly stockinette project to be mostly dragging by now, especially by the second sleeve. The Very Necessary Sweater has been very surprising in this regard. Knitting this thing is a guilty pleasure (hey, just like chocolate!)


Incidentally, Shannon posted about the great customer service she received from the Namaste people regarding the problems she had with her messenger bag. Way to go Namaste!

So, can Subway Knitter finish this sleeve, block, and seam the sweater before her birthday? Stay tuned to find out!

So, Do You Want a Hint?

You all will be happy to read that I have finished the secret knitting. It's now back to socks, socks, and more socks (and not a moment too soon).

But, maybe you're curious as to what I knit. Here's a hint:


This was my first time knitting with cashmere. Let me tell you, it won't be my last! I highly recommend the cashmere.

Nothing more! My lips (and the blog) are sealed.


It's a word that describes me well these days. I'm invisible in the blogosphere. (Have you seen many comments from me lately? Nope. I have no time, and it makes me crazy not to see what y'all are doing.) The progress on the latest knit? Invisible. This may or may not be a bad thing, depending on your perspective.

I can't even show you a photo of what I'm doing. It's so tippy top secret that I would have those men in the black suits after me if I did.

Can you imagine? They would pull up in their black (insert car name here) jump out and ask "Subway Knitter? Please come with us." I would be hauled into the car, kicking and screaming, and that's the last that you would see of me.

Seriously, though, it's a secret for now. I can tell you this: I didn't design it, and it isn't a gift. I'm just following orders.


The Tiger Tank languishes:


It's not quite finished, and I know that short-sleeve weather is rapidly coming to and end. So, why push myself? I'm at a good stopping point and I can knit on this when I am in between more complex (i.e. more interesing) projects.

What's next? Well, there are a couple of things I'm doing that aren't blog worthy. Quick projects that I need to get on and off my needles. Hey, this weekend would be a perfect time to do that. So, please excuse my bloggy break this weekend. I promise loads of niece pictures upon my return.

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