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You Put the Short Rows In

You take the short rows out. You put the shortrows BACK in and then you resist the urge to toss this damn project out the window.

Oh, I'm sorry. DId I write that? Yes, the Tiger Tank is being a bit difficult these days. After leisurely doing the short-row bust shaping (and I mean leeeeeeeisurely, like 10 days or so) I realized that I wrapped those stitches incorrectly.

Grrr (that's me, not Tiger Tank). So, out came the wraps. Redoing the wraps took no more than a few hours (thank goodness for Knitsmiths!)

Really, though, I didn't mind. The pure meditative qualities of this knit are welcome lately, and if all I had to do was knit a few more rows, then it was fine with me.

The process. And that's what it's all about!

Tank Talk

First off, I would like to wish Valentina & Co safe travels as they leave us. We'll miss you! Keep blogging!

Last weekend wasn't as productive for my knitting as I had hoped. I made progress, but I expected to be well past the waist increases by now.

Eh, it's okay. It's summer, it's hot, and I'm being lazy.


This yarn is pooling very strangely. It's almost like tiger stripes. That's perfect for [I can't believe I thought of this mere moments ago.] the Tiger Tank!


More Tank!

I had forgotten the beauty of a stockinette stitch garment that's knit in the round. I can knit with abandon and take fleeting glances at the piece. It's good for the ol' eyesight, let me tell you.


Of course, this gives me ample opportunity to observe my fellow subway riders. Maybe I need more lace in my life....

A Project Begins

A few rows of seed stitch, and the tank has a bottom.


I'll have you know that I have made few decisions about this top yet, except for the overall measurements. I don't know about the neckline or the back. I hope that I'll decide by the time I reach the top....

It's All About Me

Yeah, it's back to the selfish knitting chez Subway Knitter.


The yarn is Adrienne Vittadini Nicole; the colorway is "Parchment".

How to describe this yarn? It doesn't feel like a typical acrylic. Had I not known the fiber content I would have guessed that it was natural, not synthetic.

Using US5s, I got 5.25 stitches and 8 rows per inch. The label indicates that I'll get 6 stitches per inch on a US6. Yarn lables are so silly.

It's probably silly to begin a summer top at the end of July, but with some cap sleeves I think that I can stretch the wearability of this knit until the end of September.

What's the pattern? Ha! Pattern! Now that's really silly.

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