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So, What am I Knitting?

Good question. How about socks? Socks for Sven!


I started these socks during a pre-honeymoon trip to Germany in October. We had another party for those relatives of Sven who could not travel to New York for the actual event. Anyway, I'm still working away on the cuff of the first sock.

The pattern is Priscilla's Dream Socks, with a modified cuff in twisted rib. Twisted rib, as I have discovered, takes me a lot longer to work than regular old K2P2 ribbing. Still, it makes a nice change.

The yarn is some Socka Color that someone gave me a few years ago. It's been waiting patiently in the stash for the perfect moment. German yarn for a trip to Germany to make socks for my German husband. Perfect, no?

Oh, right...

[ETA: Marie left a comment that the Waffle House Socks pattern is available on her website. Click here! It's a free pattern. Why don't you make it perfect by purchasing a hank of Marie's Soft Spun Plus yarn?]

Yesterday, I completely forgot to post the details of Marie's Socks:

Pattern: Waffle House Socks

Yarn: Brooklyn Handspun's, handdyed, superwash sock yarn. colorway: Daring.

Needles: US2s, circular.

What did I change? Nothing. This was a test knit. I knit the pattern as it was written.

What did I love? I used the magic loop method for a toe-up design. Both were firsts for me, and together they might have changed the way that I knit socks.

What would I do differently next time: Somewhere, deep in the recesses of my knitting brain, is the way to do a more flexible bind off for ribbing. This is what I would do differently. On the second sock I tried casting off with a US3 (instead of the US2 that I used to knit the sock). It worked pretty well.

A Pair, We Have a Pair

Marie's socks are finished!

FinishedPair0327.jpg LoungingFeet0326.jpg

I love them. They make me want to sit on the couch all day and stare at my feet. Okay, I would probably still want to do that without the socks.


Here's a closeup of the stitch pattern. It makes the socks feel squishy, and even softer.


Here's one more (not-so-great) photograph from above.

This project earns me the title of "Slowest Test Knitter Ev-ah". Hear that Thea? She's enlisted me as a test knitter for her Golden Cardi (so eager was I to get my hands on this knit that I begged and pleaded until Thea relented and let me be a test knitter for her design).

I think that I'm ready for a sweater project. I am reunited with my blocking board, and (unlike Queens) I have space in which to do the blocking. We'll see how long it takes me to get to the actual blocking....

Mystery Sock Darner of the Week!

That's no mystery, that's Sven.


Why he darns machine-made socks though, is a mystery to me. But, hey, whatever. It's not like he's asking me to do it. The sight of him bending over a thread, needle, and a pair of machine-made socks caused me to think. I make socks and I never darn their holes. My opinion is, why fix the holes when you can use it as an excuse to buy more yarn?

So, in the interest of sharing, I ask all of you, dear readers: do you darn your holes? [Here's where I should get all clever and got to some online place where I can create my own poll. Nope. Let's go low tech. If you care to answer, please do so in the comments.]

Sock Progress

When we last saw Marie's sock, I was working my way around the heel.

Now, I'm making great progress on the leg.


Incidentally, this is the first picture that accurately catches this electric colorway. I love it.

Some of you might remember that this is my first attempt at magic looping my socks. So far, here are my observations about the the technique:

1. It's much easier to knit while standing on the train if I'm using magic loop. Now that my commute begins far from the beginning of my subway line (and thank goodness for that) this is an important development.

2. Once I switched to the all-over stitch pattern, instead of knitting half and half (pattern on the top of the foot and stockinette on the bottom) moving the needles on the sock became so much easier. I wonder if it wouldn't be better to knit the foot on DPNs and then switch to magic loop above the heel. But that's just me.

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