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Dear Sockpal II,

I appreciated your patience in May while I worked hard to finish your socks. You were a champ!

Now, however, I'm in a bit of a pickle. It's been two weeks since those socks left Boston, and neither hostess-with-the-mostest Alison nor I has received word that those socks are in your possession. I'm getting a little worried that my package landed in postal no man's land instead of your front porch.

I guess that I could register an anonymous email address and send you a querie, but I don't think that I should have to do that. Besides, that's a little rude (the politeness of this here post is questionable, but it ultimately serves a larger purpose). If you had received the package you would tell me. Asking you about it seems redundant.

I have been lurking on your blog (happy birthday, by the way), waiting to see if those socks show up. They haven't yet. I've been looking for your address in my inbox, but I haven't seen it. I really loved knitting those socks, and I would hate to think that they didn't end up with their intended recipient.

I didn't send the package with delivery confirmation or insurance because I know what pain they can be (you need to be at home to receive the package, or you need to schlep to the PO on some Saturday morning). But next time, you had better believe that I'll select those options.

What's a knitter to do?


Subway Knitter


Dear Sockpal II:

You are the most patient person in world. I've been lurking on your blog, reading your posts. Not a one has been bemoaning the fact that your socks were taking forever to land in your mailbox. Okay, there was one mentioning that the socks would be late, but seriously, you're holding it together really, really well.

That's one way that we're opposites. Me? I clearly am the world's least patient person, in ever way. Waiting drives me crazy! Sure, sure I've heard the patience-is-a-virtue line, and all sorts of crap like that. Patience may, indeed, be a virtue--one which I do not posess.

If I were you, by now I would have a web cam mounted to my mailbox with a live feed going directly to every computer montitor I use, plus my cellphone. I would check it more often than I check my email. And, you know, that's saying a lot. Now? How about now? Are my socks here yet? Do I hear the mailman? What about now? They-are-never-going-to-come-my-Sockpal-hates-me-I-knew-that-this-stupid-swap-would-never-work, now?

Yeah, the waiting would take years off of my life. But you? Not a chance! By outward appearances you seem very, very calm.

Here's another way that we're opposites: let's just say that we aren't exactly neighbors. That's all that I'm going to write, because I don't want to give it away. We could live on either sides of a big continent or a big ocean. We could live on either sides of the world, for that matter. One thing is for sure: when it comes to mailing addresses, we are like night and day (whoops!).


If you've been following the socks' progress you will know that I'm in love with the yarn and the pattern. I hope that you enjoy wearing your socks just as much as I have enjoyed knitting them.

Just in case you don't, I'm hopeful that I little chocolate will cheer you. A little birdie told me that you like it dark.

Well, Sockpal, it's been fun. There's not much longer for you to wait. Keep it up! You've been doing great.


Subway Knitter


At last, it's time to go to the post office:


Whoo! I'm a bit tired from all this sock knitting, and if I want to get these things boxed and ready to go, I can't write much. I think I extolled the virtues of this yarn yesterday. Will there be more socks from Mind's Eye Hand-Dye? You bet!!

Let me say a little bit about this pattern. It looks slightly, how shall we say, intimidating. At least it did to Subway Knitter. Definitely not the pattern for knitting on the go. Or so I thought! It's deceptively simple. The pattern is essentially little more than K1, P1 ribbing with a K2Tog TBL and a YO now and again. Frequent stitch counts and stitch markers are essential to making this a pick-up-and-go kind of project.

Okay, now where's my packing tape....

Almost There

Hang on Sockpal, they're coming:


What, do you think that I was just sitting around yesterday oogling my yarn? Not quite! Especially when what's on my needles is just as nice.

One of the best things about Sockapaloooza is discovering three small yarn dyers, all new to me. My first pair of Sockapaloooza socks (now it can be known: they went to Kerrie) were knit with Dani's merino hand-dyed sock yarn.

Then, of course we have my own Sockapaloooza pair in Melissa's Two Loops hand-dyed yummyness.

Third is Lucy's merino tencel hand-dyed sock yarn. Lucy also has a blog--I'm not sure which link to use so I'll use both. I'm so happy that she's thrown caution to the wind and opened up her Etsy shop. The sock yarn would, in my humble opinion, also work well for shawls. The tencel's sheen lends itself to something a little bit special. Keep it in mind for your next special shawl project.

A Cuff and a Flap

The good thing about all this rain is that it sure leads to a lot more knitting time. I more than made up for my mishap yesterday.


The sock is back on schedule, and if I want things to stay that way I need to return to the knitting.

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