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It's Time to Face Reality

It's time to face the reality that I'm really NOT loving the Ooh La Lace Stole. Too bad, as I spent viele Geld on that Blue Sky Alpaca yarn. [See--German! Maybe all this work actually paying off.]


Not to fear, though, as I'm sure that I'll be able to find something else to do with it...soon.

Why don't I enjoy this knit? First, it has to do with the chart. It's a long chart--25 rows. it's impossible for me to memorize, and it's so freakin' easy to lose my place in it. Second, it has to do with facing another type of knitting reality these days. I ain't got no time to knit! And, I ask you: when I do have time to knit, why would I spend it by working on a project that I don't like?

I suppose that I would enjoy this project more if I regularly had long stretches where all I needed to do was knit. Apparently, my New York life is not going to allow me copious amounts of knitting time. It's not a bad thing. I have other responsibilities, an engaging home life (It's interesting to live with someone who seems genuinely happy to see me in the evening), a social life, and only one more "accelerated" German classe left before the semester ends. I'm hoping that once the course finishes I won't feel guilty every time that I decide to do something besides studying, reviewing, memorizing, and writing exercises.

The realization that I don't really like this project was reinforced by a knitting project I began and completed a couple of weeks ago. Sorry, no pictures. It was a gift. I suppose that I should have taken a photo before gift wrapping, and well I didn't. But imagine two garter-stitch squares. Yeah, it was a simple, quick, satisfying project that reminded me that I really do like knitting, when I don't need to make a project out of remembering the project that I'm knitting.

So, with that in mind I grabbed some stash yarn and began to swatch:


I grabbed this Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky last spring at Brooklyn General. I have no idea what I'm working towards. I consulted a few Spiders about adjusting the gauge for the FLS, and I received a resounding "no!". Okay, that's some good advice from people who know. Also in the queue is another one of Shannon's great turtleneck sweaters. Who couldn't use another turtleneck in this weather? I think that this yarn would work perfectly for that. But can I commit to another sweater right now? Maybe I want a different project.

Perusing the stash last week I came across a Morehouse kit I bought last year at Rhinebeck. I had wound up the yarn and everything. I looked at the pattern. Hmmm, a four-row repeat, three rows of which are garter stitch. Somehow I think that I could handle this.

So, Sophie's Shawl it is. A few rows in, and all seems well. I hate to write that though, because I think I have said that about so many projects in the past year or so.

It's Done!

I'm feeling indecisive about what I should write about today. I think it's time that I showed you an FO:


Simply put, I love this sweater! I love its simple looks, the soft yarn, and the warm turtleneck. Expect to see another one of these on my needles within the year.

The details:

Pattern: Shannon's Very Necessary Sweater (it's a free pattern, people!)

Yarn: Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in the Casket colorway, 134 (weird name, I know.) I used about 13 balls.

Needles: US9s for the ribbing, US8s for the body.

What I changed: Not much! I substituted yarns, but between needing a slightly longer sweater and getting a slightly bigger row gauge than Shannon's, I mostly knit the pattern as written. Leave it to Shannon to provide me with the pattern to do that.

What I would change next time: Not much! I'll use a different yarn next time (for variety's sake), and I'm going to knit this sweater in the round. I think that I would knit the turtleneck slightly longer, too (in fact, I plan to add a few inches to this one. Eight inches isn't enough for the turtleneck to comfortably fold over itself.

I'm off to see the Harlot--and maybe the knitting lab at FIT (if JetBlue is feeling cooperative, today).

Almost There

I know what you're all beginning to think. Didn't Colleen have a lot of projects in the works?

She does! And one by one they're all coming to completion. I think that FO posts will need to wait until next week

Shannon's Very Necessary Sweater is quickly drawing to a conclusion. Only an inch or two more left on the turtleneck. I'll compare its length to another turtleneck to see if I'm anywhere near a realistic bind-off point.


Did you read the weather forecast for Boston tomorrow? It's starting off warm, and finishing with rain. Yuck-o! I'm thinking that this sweater will be perfect in place of a jacket tomorrow morning, and I can easily supplement it with a light coat tomorrow evening.

Let Me Explain

Apparently I confused quite a few of you with my explanation of my placement of the raglan seam. Let me try something different.

The outermost rows of the raglan and upper sweater body are K, P (i.e. one row knit, next row purl). Originally I placed the seam in the outer rows, the knit rows of the body and arm edges. Because my outermost row of stitches is always uneven, this resulted in a very uneven seam as two uneven rows came together.


You can see the difference in this side-by-side photo. The first attempt is on the left. When I redid the seam, I placed it one row in (one row back, or one row behind, in the purl row. Thus, the knit rows of both pieces are hidden within the seam, resulting in a kind of "blank" raglan, or a raglan without that row (or rows) of knit stitches marching up the middle.

Hope this clears thing up.

Wait a Minute....

Shannon's sweater doesn't have wonky raglan lines like mine:

(This photo is Shannon's, but saved to my server.)

Shannon's raglans are all purl stitches, meaning that she seamed behind the knit stitches. It looks much, much better.

Okay, kids, to the frog pond we go.

Subway frogging. If you think knitting attracts stares, you should see what unknitting does.

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