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The Hat that Got Away

This year my Rhinebeck experience was all about hats. I knit a hat, I bought hat kits to knit later, and I tried on this hat:

Felted Hat.jpg

It's a felted hat, and I thought it was very,very cute. Unfortunately, it was a little bit out of my price range.

You'll ask me where this was from, and my response will be "I don't know!" I'm usually good about taking down that type of information, but here I forgot.

Mystery Rhinebeck Knitters of the Week

You didn't have to look far to find knitters at Rhinebeck. Heck, for about 48 hours I could have stuck a hand in any direction and touched a knitter. This was especially true on Saturday. On Saturday the fairgrounds were crazy crowded, and it was hard to move. Grabbing a few moments on a bench, I noticed this pair across the fairway:


It's unusual to see a man knitting in public, but it's even more unusual to see two men knitting while having a gab. I couldn't quite see what they were up to, but both looked to be knitting socks.

Rhinebeck 2006

I write to you this afternoon from the Wi-Fi enabled Fiber Cottage:


Also known as the Cutest Cottage Ever. This place is seriously cute. Mad props to Amber for being organized enough to reserve in February.

When I say almost everyone was in Rhinebeck this weekend, almost everyone was. Now, if you weren't here, don't feel left out, but I think that almost every knitter I know from New York and New England was here. The blogger meetup was fun (thanks Cara!) but more fun was bumping into someone who was browsing the same booth as you.

So, you're asking, what did I buy? Not much (remember the whole laptop incident), but I'm very happy with what will come home with me.


Two hat kits from Morehouse Merino. The Lily Chapeau in the Chocolate Brown and Raspberry combination and the Birdwatcher's Beret in the Grey Bluebird colorway. The gray is very mysterious--it's not quite gray but it's not quite brown. I think that I'll be able to push it in either direction (note to self: buy brown coat).

I rode Alison's coattails with the Lily Chapeau. She had a kit in her bag and I had to have one too. Hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!


This is some merino handspun in a deep burgundy colorway. Mmmm. Perhaps it was because of the red wine I had at dinner, but I couldn't resist this yarn. It wants to be a cabled scarf.

So, looks like it'll be another accessory-heavy winter. I can't wait to get started on my hats!

It's 5:05AM, Do You Know Where Your Knitters Are?

If you're a smart knitter, you're still sound asleep. It's much too early to be up on a Saturday morning.

This knitter, however, has a 6AM departure time to be in Lowell for 7AM. From there it's straight to Rhinebeck.

When you're up almost two hours earlier than normal, AND it's a weekend, you know that your "hobby" is serious indeed. There are few things that would get me up early on a Saturday morning. Yarn is, apparently, one of them.

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