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Hats, Hats, and More Hats

As I wrote earlier in the week, if there's one project that I can always get excited about, it's a hat. So, after queuing ("queue" is a very strange word to spell) The Fantastically Bowed Cardigan (i.e. the Big Bowed Cardigan) in Ravelry, I was cruising around Blogland and I saw this (again, photo stolen, but saved to my own server):


It's Sarah's Columbia Beret (free pattern). The little detail on the top will work perfectly with the scarf detail on the cardigan. And because one is knit and the other is crochet the two together won't be too matchy matchy.

Because if there's one thing we don't like here at Subway Knitter, it's matchy matchy.

Boxing Day Post (for lack of a more creative title)


This is the first time that I've been so careful about reusing yarn. Usually I just knit right from the frogged yarn. Then again, usually, I'm reknitting a piece on which I've made a huge mistake. I think that this is the first time that I've done a knitting about face and changed a project midstream.

Once this Blue Sky Alpaca Silk dries, I can wind it up and begin Claudette!

A watched pot never boils. Does watched yarn never dry?

I've Found It

No, no, not the perfect yarn with which to crochet the Fantastically Bowed Cardigan (Julia calls this the Big Bowed Cardigan). That pattern calls for Naturally Naturelle Aran 10 Ply, and you can buy that here.

When I get around to crocheting this sweater--and not necessarily for the wedding--I think that I had better stick with the yarn specified in the pattern. In case you bothered to look at the link above (don't worry, I'll wait...) I think that colorway 200, the blue one, would be nice with my eyes, no?

No, not that project. What I did find was another project for my Blue Sky Alpaca yarn. I bought the yarn to knit Ooh La Lace Stole. As I wrote previously, I'm just not at a point in my life where a 25-row chart is a good thing.

I was at The Point on Friday. The Point has lots of hat samples gracing the shop, and if there's one thing I always like to knit, it's a hat. This hat in particular caught my eye:


[Once again, I totally stole this photo. This time it's from The Point's Ravelry page. Somehow, I don't think that they'll mind, given that I'm telling all of you to GO OUT AND BUY THIS PATTERN FOR A VERY CUTE HAT. The photo of the hat I took in the store didn't come out, and you need a very clear photo in order to explain the appearance.]

It's Claudette (Rav link), and once I saw it and tried on the sample I knew one thing: I had to have it. The designer (Erin Butler, Assistant Manager of The Point) used Ella Rae Lace Merino, but I'm not too taken by the available colorways. Besides, when I was at The Point I said to myself "better look in the stash".

Of course, what did I do when I got home? I looked at WEBS. [Incidentally, why do we knitters always capitalize WEBS? Is it an acronym? Or, is it like the way that everyone writes IKEA. IKEA. WEBS.] What's out there for DK-weight yarn? I realized that the pattern's gauge works well with Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk. Ravelry link here. Blue Sky Alpaca and Silk, a yarn which I already own.

It's a Christmas miracle! Speaking of which: have a great holiday!

Oh Goodness....

So, I promised you all that I wouldn't turn this into a wedding-planning blog, and I promised myself that I wouldn't set any impossible goals by trying to knit something for me to wear at the wedding, but then I saw this:


That BOW! How cute is that? [We won't get into the whole bride-as-gift, thus bride-as-object symbolism.] Okay, okay (and here's where things will start to go horribly, miserably wrong), I would need to make some changes. Like, that whole crochet thing. I have nothing against crochet, but methinks that I would want to change the stitch pattern of the overall sweater so it didn't look so chunky. Spider Nancy has some absolutely lovely crocheted sweaters. Perhaps I could pick her brain.

And maybe I would need to change the sweater's overall shape. Something a bit more fitted, cropped. A bolero, perhaps?

That bow! [It's pinned in place, right?]

Instead of the wedding, perhaps I should think about wearing this to the German party. What party, you ask? We're having a big ol' party in Cologne two weeks after the wedding to celebrate with all those who couldn't be with us in New York. But still, I would need to improve upon the stitch.

But that bow! [It would be way too heavy and hot, right? Bad for dancing, right?]

Talk me out of this. Please!

That bow! [Maybe for Kate?]

It's Time to Face Reality

It's time to face the reality that I'm really NOT loving the Ooh La Lace Stole. Too bad, as I spent viele Geld on that Blue Sky Alpaca yarn. [See--German! Maybe all this work actually paying off.]


Not to fear, though, as I'm sure that I'll be able to find something else to do with it...soon.

Why don't I enjoy this knit? First, it has to do with the chart. It's a long chart--25 rows. it's impossible for me to memorize, and it's so freakin' easy to lose my place in it. Second, it has to do with facing another type of knitting reality these days. I ain't got no time to knit! And, I ask you: when I do have time to knit, why would I spend it by working on a project that I don't like?

I suppose that I would enjoy this project more if I regularly had long stretches where all I needed to do was knit. Apparently, my New York life is not going to allow me copious amounts of knitting time. It's not a bad thing. I have other responsibilities, an engaging home life (It's interesting to live with someone who seems genuinely happy to see me in the evening), a social life, and only one more "accelerated" German classe left before the semester ends. I'm hoping that once the course finishes I won't feel guilty every time that I decide to do something besides studying, reviewing, memorizing, and writing exercises.

The realization that I don't really like this project was reinforced by a knitting project I began and completed a couple of weeks ago. Sorry, no pictures. It was a gift. I suppose that I should have taken a photo before gift wrapping, and well I didn't. But imagine two garter-stitch squares. Yeah, it was a simple, quick, satisfying project that reminded me that I really do like knitting, when I don't need to make a project out of remembering the project that I'm knitting.

So, with that in mind I grabbed some stash yarn and began to swatch:


I grabbed this Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky last spring at Brooklyn General. I have no idea what I'm working towards. I consulted a few Spiders about adjusting the gauge for the FLS, and I received a resounding "no!". Okay, that's some good advice from people who know. Also in the queue is another one of Shannon's great turtleneck sweaters. Who couldn't use another turtleneck in this weather? I think that this yarn would work perfectly for that. But can I commit to another sweater right now? Maybe I want a different project.

Perusing the stash last week I came across a Morehouse kit I bought last year at Rhinebeck. I had wound up the yarn and everything. I looked at the pattern. Hmmm, a four-row repeat, three rows of which are garter stitch. Somehow I think that I could handle this.

So, Sophie's Shawl it is. A few rows in, and all seems well. I hate to write that though, because I think I have said that about so many projects in the past year or so.

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