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NYC Here I Come!

With a new sweater, of course:


Of all the photos that Matt took, this one best shows the sweater.  It is not, however, a great picture of moi.  Do I have that dorky expression all the time?  I probably do!  Here I was thinking that everyone on the train was staring at the knitting, but they were staring at that dorky-looking person with the knitting :-).

And, with a 4.5 hour bus journey this evening, I'd be a fool not to pack some knitting.


I made a little progress on my new project.  Do you notice my Palm Pilot among my knitting things?  I had the absolutely brilliant idea (in my mind, at least) to load my pattern-in-progress onto my Palm (via the Documents to Go application), and knit from that.  This way, if I need to make any changes or notes, I can add them directly to the pattern, instead of taking notes and retyping.  Efficient, no?

I'll have notes on my cardigan posted next week.  Let me wear it a bit, first, and decide what (if anything) I would do differently next time.  A weekend of wearing should give me an idea of whether or not this is a successful knit.  It looks quite promising already.

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