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Is this thing on? Wow it IS!!

So, assuming that I'm not talking into the abyss, I'm writing a blog post today. And what has happened since 2010? Well, both not much--life has leveled out in terms of major changes, and a lot. Sven and I completed some major work on our apartment, we've traveled, and we've enjoyed living the big city life. I feel like time zooms by more quickly every month.

The knitting? Yes! I'm knitting. And crocheting, and thinking about our next apartment project, and selecting fabric for that next project, and learning how to be a potter. I took pottery classes when I was in junior high, and I loved it. Why did it take me 20-plus years to remember that and return to it? We'll never know. All I know is that I'm really having a good time on Monday nights.

Of course, there's a learning curve. Remember when you finished that first scarf and you were all, "Look! I made this!" to anyone who so much as turned your way? That's pretty much how I am about any half-centered, bowl-like object I happen to produce. For the most part, people humor me.

In fact, here's one of my latest creations, fresh from the kiln:

TeaCupPhoto.jpg TeaCup.jpg

I'm pretty darn proud of my mug. Doesn't quite look like Jennie the Potter, you say? Pottery is hard, yo!

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