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Color Me Surprised

Like much of Blogland, I heard last week about the end of MagKnits. And, like much of Blogland, I heard about it via Ravelry. I don't mean to ascribe too much significance to this event, but I think that Ravelry's roll as a hub for exchange about this event, along with other recent happenings (MCY thread-crack anyone?) has cemented its place as the CNN of the knitting community.

I won't give yet another blow-by-blow, here's-what-happened account. The Lumpy Sweater wrote an excellent post that (to my reading) is an objective synopsis of last week's events, if you haven't already heard.

I'm sure that Kerrie felt justified in her actions, much like those who heaped complaints on her felt justified to be complaining. It is honest to write that, as a designer who had a pattern on MagKnits, I'm extremely disappointed at how this was handled. While I don't think that Kerrie had a life-long obligation to pay for server space to keep my pattern "alive" she needed to reach out to us designers with a warning about what she was about to do. As far as I know, there was no attempt made to contact anyone but the most recent contributors. Having written that, I never had the sense that MagKnits had the attention from Kerrie that it deserved, or that Kerrie was comfortable with the amount of time that she could devote to MagKnits. So ultimately this is for the best, although it seems like a bad way to go out.

Just as Kerrie has decided to move on, so have I. I'm happy to have the opportunity to repost the pattern right here, on my blog. I can finally include the cable charts that were omitted from the original posting (and despite a few polite emails to MagKnits very early on, the charts were never included on the MagKnits site). This always bothered me, and now there's something that I can do about it!

And, while I will morn the loss of MagKnits, it has engendered (via Ravelry, or course) some discussion of other online Knitting magazines that are out there. How exciting! I didn't know about any of them (besides Knitty).

Hat Block

The Santa Cruz hat is on its blocking form.


Now, perhaps those of you who have had the pleasure of dining in the Subway Knitter household think that you recognize that form as one of my soup bowls. Don't be afraid. While this might look exactly like one of those bowls, please rest assured that this is my Special Hat Blocking Bowl. Nope, no soup bowls for my knitting.

Cruz-ing Along

I've been waiting days to use that title.

The Santa Cruz hat from the latest MagKnits is knitting up well. It's a lace design, but not a very complicated one. If anyone's looking to an introduction to lace knitting, this here's your pattern.


When I did the math, I discovered that Sarah-Hope's sizes were a bit small for my head. Her pattern results in a hat for a 19-inch head. Mine's 21.5 inches. Further investigation uncovered that the number of stitches cast on (if one were to pretend that this was a stockinette-stitch hat) would result in a hat circumference of 15 inches.

Sarah-Hope's doing this because she knows lace stretches. But, I decided to add on one more repeat to accommodate my big head. I cast on 84 stitches instead of the pattern's 72. This means that I need to fiddle a bit with the crown decreases to accomplish more decreases in the same number of rows. Instead of Sarah-Hope's interval of nine stitches between the first set of decreases, I'll begin the decreases one row later, and use an interval of seven stitches.

How did I arrive at my alternative instructions? I fudged. There was no formula and no math applied. Trust me.

Next Up!

With Shannon's sweater firmly on the blocking board, it's time for a new subway knitting project. Those of you who have been reading here already know what it is.


It's the Santa Cruz hat from the latest MagKnits. I have no idea how this will look on my head, but the style will be perfect for those times I need a hat less for its warmth than for its hair-controlling powers.

I'm using some Cascade 220 that I had in the yarn box. Yup, it's not Subway Knitter if there's no Cascade 220 on the needles. This neutral tan-gray will go with just about everything, which is perfect for an accessory that will transition among many coats.

I noticed that Sarah-Hope's pattern is less a set of line by line instructions than it is a formula. She gives us a gauge, the lace repeat (in a multiple of 12 stitches) and a set of top decreasing instructions. Simple, yet effective. I think that I'm really going to like this pattern.

Sarah-Hope mentioned to me that a few corrections have been made to the original pattern posting. If you printed off an early edition of the pattern, you need to go back and make yourself a new copy. The corrections are there, marked in red.

MagKnits Sillies

I love the Santa Cruz hat from the latest MagKnits. I blogged about it on Friday.


I'm also strangely drawn to this. It's the Strawberry Tea Cozy, by Katya Frankel. Although I'm not a huge tea drinker, this might make me pull my teapot out of the cabinet and keep it on the counter. It's so silly, and yet so cute. And, I think that it would be fun to knit.

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