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Oh Come ON!

Just because I live in New York doesn't mean that I don't keep up on what's happening to the rest of the world. No, no, no. I still do, sometimes, pick up a copy of the Boston Globe :-).

One article in particular caught my eye. Did you know that young people knit? That there are, you know, whole blogs and stuff like that devoted just to knitting? Go figure!

Must be a slow news day up there. Didn't you guys just get a lot of snow? Isn't that worth a story or two?

Actually, I think a better spin on this whole knitting-isn't-just-for-grandmas-anymore business is, indeed, all the economic activity that has sprung up due to the internet's ability to connect people. Think about it. How many knitters dye yarn? How many knitters have become fashion designers when their patterns are published? And then there's Ravelry. Need I go further?

This can't be unique to knitting, but for the outside (non-knitting) world it must be strange to think about a rather old-fashioned hobby depending on such a high-tech platform to grow.

Finally, if I were a grandmother, I would be insulted.

A Knitter Lives Here!

Claudia has her lawn sheep, but here in New York I don't have a lawn.

I do, however, have a doormat.


The doormat is so cute that I'm tempted to step over it as I enter and exit the apartment.

One of the Cool Kids

[Did anybody notice how Bloglines totally freaked out yesterday? My feeds, along with many others, had 200 new posts to read. And my subscriber numbers are all off (I'm embarrassed to say that I keep track of them).]

Look, we knitters and crafters are getting a three-page spread in this week's Time Out!

Even The Point gets a mention (as it should, being home to The Spiders). I like the neighborhood-by-neighborhood rundown of the city's crafty places, including my local fav' BG. Mmmm, Brooklyn General.

Time Out published its gift guide a few weeks ago, but this week's article (with associated sidebars) might help a few of the muggles in our lives with their holiday shopping. Do yourselves a favor and point them toward it!

Then sit back and make yourself a drink. Thea? Are you reading this?

[Let's hope, however, that none of our holiday knitting will qualify for this contest in 2008.]


Occasionally, usually when I'm on the telephone listening to someone's life story, I read the Missed Connections section on Craigslist. I find it so silly.

This one, however, needs to be taken seriously. The knitter sought wasn't me. I'll add that it would be a moot point if it were me, because I'm off the market. I point this out because I often hear women lamenting that knitting's never going to net them a date (it's netted me a few, but that's a story for another time). Yeah, sure, if you sit at home on your couch night after night you'll never meet a soul. Take that scarf to the meat (mutton?) market that is the A train, and well, all bets are off. I think whoever this was has a real chance with this guy. He thinks you're sexy. If he digs your (handknitted?) hat, then you have something in common right there, because you dig that hat too. You know what I say? Love me, love my knitting.

Where My Stitches At?

Here, yo:


I stripped off my shirt and tore open the package as soon as I saw it. My Ravelry T-shirt has arrived!

Tell me that I'm not the only one to be so excited about this.

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