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MySpace for Knitters

Ravelry, it's the MySpace for knitters! And I mean that in a good way.

Another Boston expat, Bookish Wendy, sent me an invitation at least two months ago. But, what with the move, the new job, the new everything (I know, I know, you're all getting tired of that old excuse) I didn't give it my full attention until this weekend.

So, Saturday's midday project was to get myself set up over there. I updated my profile, and uploaded a cute pic. Then, I set out to do one thing: get together some yarn/pattern ideas for a new scarf I want to knit sometime in the fall.

Simple, right? Ha! Now I know why Ravelery's going to be the time-sink website of 2007. After logging in, I noticed some messages. Sixteen messages. Sixteen people wanted to be my friend! Sixteen! One-six!

Of course I wanted to know who all these people were. Click, click, click, hour!

Oh yeah, the scarf. Let's go to patterns. Oooh, look, recently uploaded patterns. Click, click, click...eeeep! Look at these booties. So cute! Hmm, I'm knitting some baby gifts right now, let's add these to My Favorites.

Scarf!! Right, right.

Long story short, I never did get to that scarf. I suppose that knitters use the site in different ways. It would be interesting to see some stats on that. It's the virtual browsing that's gonna get me.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Hear The Knitters (Thanks to Sven, for sending me the link).

There's a contest to win tickets. Unfortunately, I won't be in NY on the 2nd. Those of you who will be, though, should enter.

On a completely different note, the weather today is perfect for a public wearing of the Santa Cruz hat. Whoo! Almost makes me want to leave early for work. Almost. The coffee cup, however, draws me right back to my chair.


I subscribe to Berroco's weekly internet newsletter.   A couple of weeks ago the edition came with something that I find rather fetching:


It's a knitting tote made from Berroco Suede, and I really like it.  Berroco's designs often have a "fashion-forward" edge that I like.  Sometimes the patterns are just too trendy for this knitter, but the design of this bag, I think, walks the fashion/trendy line just fine.  Plus, I have been looking for an excuse to use Suede.  The colorway selection continues to expand, but I'm partial to the green shown above.

The pattern is free, which is another bonus.  Let's file this under "stylish bags to knit", shall we?

I also occasionally cruise Annie Modesitt's blog (I tend to lurk), and this bag reminds me a lot of the red cabled bag that she has in her sidebar (apparently the pattern was designed by one of Annie's students).  I know nothing about the bag (size, yarn gauge, etc.) but I know that I like it.

By the way, Annie, so happy to see that you're offering a RSS feed!  I had to subscribe to instead of simply entering "" into Bloglines, but still, it works.  Yay!

I knit because...

I enjoy it.  As Margene is so fond of writing, "it's the process."  I also enjoy the finished objects and the oohs and ahhs from friends and family, but more importantly the act of knitting is rewarding for me.

In yesterday's New York Times Carol Lee wrote a brief survey of knitting from the late 19th century to today (the piece is here, but registration--it's free--is required).  Not a surprise: over time knitting's popularity has experienced many peaks and valleys.

We're at one of those peaks right now.  As you might know, quite a few Hollywood stars are knitting and purling until the their fingers turn blue (and that's not from the bad Kool-Aid dye job).  Apparently, when Hollywood does something, that something becomes very cool.  (Guess what, kids?!  I'm cool!  Who knew?) 

In fact the author of this editorial is so impressed by all of us knitters that she's thinking of taking up knitting, just to keep up with the trends.  How, um, trendy.

I wonder how long a knitter will last if he or she is doing it only to keep up with a style.  Where will the breaking point be?  When will the needles be thrown down in disgust, never to be picked up again?  Mine would have been the first time that I needed to change yarns.  And yours?

Although, perhaps Ms. Lee will discover that it is, indeed, all about the process.

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