A Page of Links to Help and to Inspire

Technical Assistance

(places I go when I need help)

Needlepoint Now's Copyright in Plain English (thanks Sharon!)

Make Custom Graph Paper

Washing Symbols

What those little fabric-care symbols mean

Fiber Link

How to Substitute Yarn

Things to remember when you're thinking very much inside the (stash) box.

Get Inspired

(when you know that you want to knit, but you don't know what you want to knit)



Not Martha

Curious Girl

(and of course:)



Knitting Resources for your PDA (find your inner geek)

YarnLog (thanks Katy!)

Yahoo! Group for PDA Knitters

Using your Palm for Knitting

Retail Therapy

(the places that sell the things that we need)

Zipperstop (beware, the site opens with music)

Fabric Stores in Boston's Chinatown (my own compilation)

Bag Works (get handles for that fabby bag you just finished)

Now for my LYSs


A Good Yarn

Windsor Button

And for my (not so) LYSs


The Point

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(Viva Knitsmiths South!)

Knitting Bloggers
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