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Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week

Let's just say that I took a snow day yesterday....

It was not hard to tell that last weekend's storm was the first of the season. Before the snow started, I ventured outside to stock up on essential supplies: bagels and lox. There I was at the checkout of Blue Apron, when one of the clerks noticed teeny flakes falling onto the pavement. A very audible "awwww" went up in the store, and a few customers craned their necks to look out the window. I may have been one of them...

All I can say is, remind me of this post when it's still snowing in March.

It was a fine weekend for knitting. Knitting, knitting everywhere, even on the 4 train:


Just a little mention here: I'm on Twitter, and I protect my updates. Every time I mention this on the blog, I get a few new follower requests. Sometimes I'm like "Oh, yeah, hey, hi!" and know who you are immediately because of your user name. Sometime, however, I don't. And when I don't recognize your user name, or know anything about you from your Twitter profile, I'm tempted to click "Decline." Most of the time, that's exactly what I do.

I don't want to be snobby, but I only want people I know to follow me on Twitter. Therefore, just drop me a note and say "Hey, I'm So-and-So on Twitter."

Mystery Subway Crocheter of the Week (Cold Weather Edition)

What caught my eye about this knitter was the color of her yarn. As you may have heard we New Yorkers are all about black, and this is even more true when the weather gets cold. But there she was with that beautiful violet yarn hooking up a storm, all the while a real rainstorm was raging above ground.


And, wow, my apologies to anyone who came to the city this weekend, especially Saturday. Can you say "Nasty?" I've seldom been happier to enter my building's overheated lobby. Soup was on the stove, carols were on the radio, and I was on the couch--knitting.

Busy as a Bee!

A bee, I tell you! A bee! There has been so much knitting around here that I haven't had time to sit down and blog about it. There have been the usual suspects: the Sophie Shawl is growing, and I'm slowly moving along with Claudette.

In the midst of this, I'm also working on a baby project for a coworker's son, born two weeks ago. It's my usual striped baby sweater. This time I'm knitting it in Lion Brand WoolEase. Some of you, I know, are cringing at the mere mention of an acrylic yarn. Subway Knitter ain't no yarn snob, and she will not stick a high-maintenance garment on new parents.

Of course, valuable blogging time has been sucked up by other matters:


Yes, we had to take some time out on Monday to celebrate Rosenmontag at Loreley. We drank a few beers and watched a rebroadcast of the Rosenmontag parade in Cologne. You need to do all this in costume because...well...that's what you do. Notice my costume? I'm a bee!

What's a great thing about living in New York? You can be wearing a bee wig (complete with glittery antennae) on the subway, start to knit, and nobody thinks anything of it. Then, some guy in a crazy hat starts taking your photograph, and nobody bats an eyelash:


Kölle Alaaf!

Café KIPing

I cannot remember the last time I did this. It might have been in Boston. No, no, on second though I think that I did make it to the Freeze Peach in Astoria one afternoon. But that had to be over 18 months ago. I'm sorry to hear that the Freeze Peach closed.

Anyway, I recently found myself in Boerum Hill (that's the Bo of BoCoCa--the fancy-pants conglomeration of neighborhoods in brownstone Brooklyn) with time to spare. It was cold, so I ducked into a café for a quick coffee. [I must agree with some of the reviewers who wrote about the burnt coffee. It certainly will not go down as the best cup of coffee in my life. Still it was a nice space. Next time, I'll get tea.] As I sat with the sunshine warming my back I remembered what it was I used to do when I sat in a café.


Ah! I could really get used to this. Perhaps this should be a New Year's resolution: more café KIPing.

Mystery Airport Knitter of the Week (RDU Edition)

The title says it all. You and I boarded the same flight on Saturday, both bound for JFK. I noticed the needles as you stood a few people in front of me.


I saw you there, wearing that red plaid shirt and holding that green bag. The Shepard Fairey Obama button telling the rest of us that maybe you were one of those that helped NC to go blue in November.

Then on the plane (and I wish that I had been able to snap a photo of this) you were working with huge needles. What on earth were you knitting? A rug?

Of course, you were long gone off of that plane by the time I passed your seat (that 90-minute delay was a bummer, no?) so I won't know for sure.

Unless you're reading here, oh mystery knitter.

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