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2009: Year in Review

...yeah, right. If only I had the energy to give you a knitting year in review. Besides, you don't care! You're too busy getting ready to party.

Y'all have a great time tonight. Be careful, drive safely (if you're planning to be out on the roads), and all that good stuff.

We'll ring in 2010 with some dinner and dancing. These guys are the band, the 21 Club is the venue.


Sometimes we do manage to take advantage of the amazing city in which we live.

This is a picture of Sven and me, but not at 21 and not dancing to Double Down. This was at our second wedding party in Cologne. Why yes, I did knit the bolero I'm wearing. Deets to follow in the new year.

Knit by H&M

I should really talk about my own knitting (such that it is) but before I do, let me share this with you and ask some questions.


I saw this advertisement on the R/W at Rector late last week. First, let me ask you about the style. Can you think of any guy you know who would wear a sweater like this? I can't. That neck/collar design looks like a chest-hair prosthesis.


Second, look at the price. $14.95! Fourteen US Dollars. That's like, what, EU1.50? :-) What the heck is in that yarn? If I were a stronger person, I would brave the crowds at H&M just to see. But I'm not going to do that. H&M normally is bit of a scrum. I can't imagine what it would be like near Christmas.

Before I leave today, I just want to say thank you for your continued compliments on both our wedding and my return to blogging. For many different reasons I needed to take a break from blogging (and knitting in general) over the past several months. Maybe it was the wedding, maybe it was some kind of long-extended adjustment reaction, maybe it was just that I needed to let my brain fill up with some ideas. I don't know. It's good to be back, however.

Mystery Subway Crocheter of the Week (Cold Weather Edition)

What caught my eye about this knitter was the color of her yarn. As you may have heard we New Yorkers are all about black, and this is even more true when the weather gets cold. But there she was with that beautiful violet yarn hooking up a storm, all the while a real rainstorm was raging above ground.


And, wow, my apologies to anyone who came to the city this weekend, especially Saturday. Can you say "Nasty?" I've seldom been happier to enter my building's overheated lobby. Soup was on the stove, carols were on the radio, and I was on the couch--knitting.

R Train Inspiration

I own this domain, and I pay for server space. I might as well use it.

I'm still a subway knitter, but I'm also a subway reader, subway daydreamer, and subway observer. I'm going to change up the blog a bit. It's time to start including bits of the everyday from this wacky city where I live.

I observed this midday Wednesday while riding an uptown R:


How it reads:

"Robert Patterson look mad ugly -- all those girlz who be fightin' over him is fxxxin' dumb"

Poor Robert Patterson. I'm sure that the writer is just jealous.

Oh, yeah, and Sven and I got married:


Photo Credit: Daniel Krieger, Daniel Krieger Photography

Taxi Cab Inspiration

Hi, remember me?

I'm telling you, if you want lots of time to do stuff around the house DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, move to New York City. It's not like I'm even partaking in very much that the city has to offer. Sure, yeah, there's German class (the term is over, and I decided that I'm taking a term-long break), there's Spiders, there's Prospect Park two blocks from chez Subway Knitter (although one wonders if this should become Subway Knitter Haus), there's the gym (but lots of places have gyms), there's the theater (where I was an audience member), there's dancing class (swing), and there's all the other daily-life stuff that get in the way of a productive knitting life.

But others are more fortunate in the fiber-time department. So, before attending the above-mentioned play I hopped a cab from the East Village (where I was attending a benefit concert). Stepping into the cab I noticed this:


Headrest covers crocheted in Colombian-inspired colors! How homey! I immediately recognized that they were homemade, and asked the driver about them. "My wife made them," he said.

Apparently, some people--like the cabdriver's wife--have more time for yarn than I do. Maybe they live in Yonkers.

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