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Moving Into the Weekend

And it's a loooong weekend around here!

I think that I'm slowly solving the spam problem around here. Besides lowering my spam filter's threshold of what is marked as spam, I've also added quite a few words to a keywords filter that's installed. None of these words are new to me, but when I sat down to compose the list, I really had to think about them. I guess that I should be thankful that these aren't a normal part of my vocabulary.

The only problem is that if any of you start using dirty words on my blog, they'll get picked up as spam, and your comment quickly dumped. So, be warned. For that reason, I check the spam filter every, just to make sure that no "real" comments get mixed in. So far, no problem.

There's also been no problem with the knitting around here. I need to take an accurate gauge counting of the Claudette swatch, and I seem to think of it only as I'm rushing out the door for work. Normally that would be a problem, but because I'm working the Sophie Shawl on the side, I'm never far from subway knitting:


In Between

By the end of last week, it was clear that I was in between projects.

The swatch for Claudette was finished and is not blocking.


Yes, I'm being extremely careful with my gauge swatch this time. The store sample was a bit tight on me. I can fix this by knitting the band about a half inch longer. I do not want, however, the hat to droop over my eyes. That's a bad look no matter how you cut it. For this reason, I'm swatching.

While the swatch dries, I'll switch back to Sophie's Shawl.

I'm also dealing with a sudden increase in comment spam. I turned up my filter, and that worked for about, oh, a day. Now, I'm also banning the spammers (I'm not sure what effect that will have, given that these spammers are probably using fake IPs). If any of you receive a message that you were banned (it wasn't on purpose, trust me), contact me.

Another Hat to Love

I'm a little late finding Twist Collective. I heard buzz about it in Blogland, but somehow never quite figured out what it was about. Yesterday I finally wandered over to the Collective's website. First, let me just say that I wanted to add the entire issue to my Ravelry queue. Great job, ladies!

This hat in particular caught my eye.

(Once again, photo stolen, but saved to my own server.)


Yes, yes, it's another hat. And, yes, it's a felted hat. Don't ask me where I'm going to find a top-loader to do some felting. But, still, I like it. Maybe there's a laundromat around here that has an old machine lying around.

I have to remark that this model has the most amazing eyes I've ever, well, laid eyes upon. Do you think that they come with the hat, too?

A Switch to a Swatch

I told myself that once I completed 50 percent of Sophie's Shawl (a feat that I accomplished this weekend) I was allowed to begin swatching for Claudette.


I'm very happy to have found a new use for this Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk. It's terrific yarn. I guarantee that it'll be warm and cozy on my head.

It's hard to tell from the photo (new year's resolution #1: take less-crappy knitting photos), but I'm working a swatch of the basketweave pattern.

This will be a rare occasion when I am two-timing my projects. I hope that they don't get jealous!

Hats, Hats, and More Hats

As I wrote earlier in the week, if there's one project that I can always get excited about, it's a hat. So, after queuing ("queue" is a very strange word to spell) The Fantastically Bowed Cardigan (i.e. the Big Bowed Cardigan) in Ravelry, I was cruising around Blogland and I saw this (again, photo stolen, but saved to my own server):


It's Sarah's Columbia Beret (free pattern). The little detail on the top will work perfectly with the scarf detail on the cardigan. And because one is knit and the other is crochet the two together won't be too matchy matchy.

Because if there's one thing we don't like here at Subway Knitter, it's matchy matchy.

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