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It's Been a While, No?

It's been a while. I didn't intend for that last post of gloom and doom to stay on top as long as it did. Life got in the way of blogging. I guess that's a good thing. It shows me that I'm not wasting this place known as New York City.

Life may have gotten in the way of blogging, but it most certainly has not gotten in the way of knitting. I've been busy as a bee with that.

Today, however, I'm thinking that it's nice and cozy to be inside and wrapped up in some cashmere:


This is the Invisibility Cloak from Charmed Knits. And when I say that it's THE cloak, I mean just that. It's the same item! I knit the sample for the photo shoot.

The yarn is some HipKnits Laceweight Cashmere. It's luscious stuff, and proves what we already know about the fiber: cashmere is soft, light, and oh-so-warm.

I heart NY! I heart Cashmere!

So Cute!!!

It's a six pack of cuteness.


The Details:

Pattern: the Baby Bootie pattern from this Filatura di Crossa booklet. Yeah, I had all sorts of plans to use a new pattern, but in the end I didn't have time to make gauge adjustments. I knit what I knew.

Yarn: Odds and Ends. The brown and white pairs are cotton. I know that the white is Peaches 'n' Cream. The brown is a mystery yarn that I picked up years ago in a Knitsmiths swap.

Needles: US 7s and 6s.

Will I knit this pattern again? Undoubtedly.

With these three pairs all ready for gifting. I guess that I'm ready for the next knit. This one, of course, will be all about me.

Oh, right...

[ETA: Marie left a comment that the Waffle House Socks pattern is available on her website. Click here! It's a free pattern. Why don't you make it perfect by purchasing a hank of Marie's Soft Spun Plus yarn?]

Yesterday, I completely forgot to post the details of Marie's Socks:

Pattern: Waffle House Socks

Yarn: Brooklyn Handspun's, handdyed, superwash sock yarn. colorway: Daring.

Needles: US2s, circular.

What did I change? Nothing. This was a test knit. I knit the pattern as it was written.

What did I love? I used the magic loop method for a toe-up design. Both were firsts for me, and together they might have changed the way that I knit socks.

What would I do differently next time: Somewhere, deep in the recesses of my knitting brain, is the way to do a more flexible bind off for ribbing. This is what I would do differently. On the second sock I tried casting off with a US3 (instead of the US2 that I used to knit the sock). It worked pretty well.

A Pair, We Have a Pair

Marie's socks are finished!

FinishedPair0327.jpg LoungingFeet0326.jpg

I love them. They make me want to sit on the couch all day and stare at my feet. Okay, I would probably still want to do that without the socks.


Here's a closeup of the stitch pattern. It makes the socks feel squishy, and even softer.


Here's one more (not-so-great) photograph from above.

This project earns me the title of "Slowest Test Knitter Ev-ah". Hear that Thea? She's enlisted me as a test knitter for her Golden Cardi (so eager was I to get my hands on this knit that I begged and pleaded until Thea relented and let me be a test knitter for her design).

I think that I'm ready for a sweater project. I am reunited with my blocking board, and (unlike Queens) I have space in which to do the blocking. We'll see how long it takes me to get to the actual blocking....

Praha, ha, ha

Today's post will be in reverse order from prior posts concerning out visit to Europe. I just couldn't resist the title.

When I last wrote about our trip, we were in Cologne. For New Year's, however, we went over to Prague.

Mmmm, mmm. I first visited Prague three years ago, and at the time I thought "Everybody has to go to Prague." I felt the same way this visit, too. Everybody needs to go to Prague! Quick, make those travel plans. I'll wait.

Done? Good. Being in Prague means that I can officially unveil my next-to-last 2007 FO:


Ta dah! If you remember, this was the hat that I started just before Christmas. I finished it "easily" before I left the US. If, by easily, you mean "reknit the top three times." Yep. Three times. The first time I knit the pattern "as written" (if, by "as written", you mean "adjusted for a different gauge). And upon finishing it I thought that it was much too short. It didn't reach my ears.

Okaaaaay, so I needed to frog back and add about an inch. Frog, frog, knit (is this now too long?), knit. And guess what? It was too long. Way too long. Grrrr. So, frog, frog, knit, knit. And, guess what? The second time that I knit the pattern the way I was directed to knit the pattern it fit pretty well. [Don't ask why, I don't know.] I admit that the photo makes the hat look a wee too long, but I think that my scarf was pushing it up from the back and pushing the brim slightly too far down.

The Details:

Pattern: The beret pattern was free from The Point, when I purchased yarn.

Yarn: Twinkle, Soft Chunky, colorway Urchin. One hank.

Needles: US15s, DPNs.

What I changed: I adjusted the pattern for a different gauge. Other than that, nothing.

Would I knit this again: Yes. I like the chunky appearance and easy shaping of this beret. It avoids the "hat head" I so dread this time of year.

Moving on to 2008, here's the latest on Marie's socks.


Not only am I perfecting my magic loop, I'm also learning a great new way to knit short-row heels. Or, rather, I'm learning this technique again, and this time the correct way. I thought I knew how to do this, but apparently I did not. This might explain why I found this technique fiddly the first time that I used it, and overall I saw it as only a slight improvement on the backwards-YO method.

But if you use this technique correctly (as I now am) it's a HUGE improvement over what I was doing before.

Lovin' this pattern! Whoo!

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