Fabric Stores In Boston's Chinatown

Shopping for fabric in Boston means shopping in Chinatown.  If you know where to look, there's a lot of great fabric to be had for little money.  Here are three stores to try.

Clement Fabrics, 80 Bedford Street ("behind" the Hyatt).  Mostly dressmaking fabrics, some upholstery bolts, and many remnants.  There is a small section of sewing supplies and notions.  It's always worth a browse if you're looking for something, because you never know what you might find.

Van Fabric Discount Sale Co., 14-16 Beach Street.  Beautiful silks and dressmaking fabrics for the serious seamstress.  No notions or other supplies, but if you need a Buddha figurine to go with the clothes you just made, this is the place to shop.

Winmil Fabrics, 111 Chauncy Street.  There's dressmaking fabric (both plain and fancy), upholstery and home decorating fabric, calicoes, all sorts of notions and supplies, patterns, and instruction books.  If you sew in Boston, then you need to know about this place.