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Potholder-y Awesomeness

Every time I finish a crochet project I do a little happy dance, because finishing is never a sure thing when I begin. I'm still a newbie crocheter--I still need patterns that tell me exactly what to do. Do I need to chain 1 at the beginning of a row? Then you need to tell me. Make the first SC in the same stitch as the chain? Yes, I'll need to know that, too. Maybe that's obvious information to a veteran crocheter, but I ain't no veteran hooker--in any sense.

I'm using this pattern, in a mod which I shamelessly copied from Knitterly Things (Rav link.)

The Wool Eater pattern was not the problem, once I figured out what was meant by, "...working from the back around to the front of the stem of the dtr of the previous round, and out at the back..." I used a couple You Tube tutorials I was good to go.

The problem, surprisingly, was finding a good pattern for a crocheted square. I started with this one.

And I started.




Gave up.

I'm not sure if the problem was with the pattern (Like, how can you begin with eight stitches, increase eight more stitches in the second round and still have only 12 stitches? That must be a mistake. Or not. I don't know.) On my second try I used this pattern. It worked a lot better (that is to say, it worked!)

Onwards and upwards with the potholders.

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