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Hi! I've been knitting. And you?

What I'm here to tell you about today is this totally awesome folding table. I don't use the word "awesome" a lot (mostly because I think that I used up my lifetime allotment of "awesome"s between the ages of 8 and 18.) Few things really are awesome, but this might be one of them.

I find the majority of folding tables to be of a utilitarian appearance, at best. "Ugly" might be a better way to describe them. This table, however, I could imagine resting it quietly against the wall in my (non existent) craft room. Because I am a New Yorker living in a compact space, I am always looking for clever things to make horizontal surfaces appear and disappear out of thin air. It's there when you need it, and completely gone when you don't.

I'm not going to bother to steal a photo from AKKA. Just go to the website and have a look There's a video, too. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that this table is available in the United States (or Europe). I'm not sure if it's even in production. Maybe by the time I have my craft room, I'll be able to put one of these in it.

Okay, I'm on a knitting deadline for a Spiders' mitten swap. Gotta go!

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