That Was Great!

First, it's so nice that anyone, anywhere still subscribes to this blog after my months and months of silence. Second, it was great seeing all of your comments! I was sitting in front of the screen saying "Hi!" over and over. It was like a reunion.

Thank you all for your nice comments about the wedding. Yup, we're finally married! It was a wonderful day, and lots of fun was had with friends and family, but I'm telling you: I have no desire whatsoever to plan another wedding ever again. Things have settled down, just in time for the craziness that is the holidays.


And speaking of reunions, Interweave Press just published a reunion edition of sorts, with many fine patterns for beautiful and practical accessories. I'm tickled to write that my Subway Mittens (aka the CharlieCard Mittens) were included in the 2009 Holiday Gift Edition.

Mittens with pockets for everyone, yay!!!


I thought about buying that issue, but I definitely have all of the patterns I like best (admittedly in magazines all over the place) including your mittens.

It's been 3 years (maybe 4?) since your blog was featured on My Yahoo. It was an introduction to a whole new world, and a major impact to my life. I researched, and absorbed, was taught, and became obsessed. Now I am a knitter. It's all your fault. Thank you!

Oh those evil mittens. Nice to see so many folks migrating back to blog world.


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