Socks? Socks? What Socks?

Ah, poor Sven. As soon as I reach a good point with his socks, I volunteer myself to do some test knitting.


I'm swatching for gauge. I consider test knitting to be a public service to the knitting community, and since I've emerged from a fog, I think that I finally have the focus to be able to pull off something like this in a timely manner.

I'm using some really lovely Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light. ThIs reminds me how much I like Berroco yarns, and how seldom I use them. Oh dear, yet something else to add to the knitting to-do list!


The Berocco yarns have definitely gotten better in quality over the last few years. My only complaint with them is that some of the yarns don't have quite enough yardage in a skein for my taste.

I love Berrocco too and keep trying to remember to buy some when I'm in the yarn shops. Cause I need more yarn, right?


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