Never Again!

In yesterday's post I blithely dropped that I needed to stop by Seaport Yarns to replace some DPNs which went into hiding.

Let me say here that I will never, ever set foot inside that store again. Never. Ever. Again.

A couple of years ago I wrote a review about Seaport in its prior location, on Nassau Street. The new store is still in Lower Manhattan, but on Broadway. It's still in an upper-floor location, the store is still a mess, and the same office-cum-yarnstore environment remains. I tolerated the store when I needed something quick because it is mere steps from my office. But last night the owner's bitchy 'tude finally tipped me over the edge. I'm sorry that I came in right at 6pm as you were closing (although the man on the phone did tell me that the store would be open to 8.) Furthermore, maybe you should answer the phone with "Seaport Yarns, Broadway" or "Seaport Yarns, Portland" if you don't want people confused as to which store they called. Maybe I should have looked more carefully, but

The entire five-minute interaction left a bad taste in my mouth. So bad, in fact, that more than 12 hours later, I'm writing about it. There was some discussion on Twitter last night. Apparently I'm far from the only one who has had this type of experience with the store.

There are many, many more yarn shops that deserve my money more than Seaport Yarns. I can't believe that the economy (combined with the horrible environment, poor service, and iffy location) hasn't yet sunk the place. I think that one of my new year's resolutions will be to shop only at stores that make me happy.

Seaport Yarns ain't one of them.


Tell it, girl. Been there once, won't go again.

Huh, I thought Thursday night they had longer hours too. I haven't had a bad experience there, but really have only gone on the weekends, when is strictly a yarn store.

What's odd is they don't have their store hours on the website. Isn't that a big reason to have a website? So people will know where you are and when you're open?

Maybe that's a lot to expect.

Ouch. I think I was there once when there was Stephanie's talk at FIT, but I mostly remember feeling like I was contantly being talked into buying beyond my budget.

How frustrating! You might want to send them an email or call the store when you have cooled down so you can tell them why you are never EVER going there again.

If you want to CC: all of your knitting buddies on that email, go for it. ;-)

I'm with you, she's a real piece of work. And the store is incredibly unpleasant to actually SHOP IN, which is kind of a big deal . . .

I've never been in there, but I can't understand how people in the service industry can treat their customers so badly.

I asked for some information via email one time and got a nasty response telling me that New Yorkers have their own problems and to remember 9/11. It was the nasty tone to a question from a potential customer, rather than the ridiculous answer, that ensures they will never EVER have my business, either.

I can understand where u r coming from. One of our locals is in a closet, no shit, in the back of a water filter store, and they act like u r from another planet.WTF I'll drive 45 min. and give my money to Crazy Girl Yarns in Iowa City. The Fuzzy Lamb or whatever in Davenport, can kiss my skinny white u know what.I'd send them a blistering note if I were u.

Oh yes, I know that horror show well. She's chewed me out and chastised me before, and yet I stupidly still made my purchase. What a complete WENCH.

Well, I'm glad to know I can cross Seaport off my list (embarrassing that I've lived in NYC now for over two years and still haven't been there) of yarn shops to visit. Sorry to hear you were treated so rudely. I wonder if the one in Portland is any better.


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