Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week

Let's just say that I took a snow day yesterday....

It was not hard to tell that last weekend's storm was the first of the season. Before the snow started, I ventured outside to stock up on essential supplies: bagels and lox. There I was at the checkout of Blue Apron, when one of the clerks noticed teeny flakes falling onto the pavement. A very audible "awwww" went up in the store, and a few customers craned their necks to look out the window. I may have been one of them...

All I can say is, remind me of this post when it's still snowing in March.

It was a fine weekend for knitting. Knitting, knitting everywhere, even on the 4 train:


Just a little mention here: I'm on Twitter, and I protect my updates. Every time I mention this on the blog, I get a few new follower requests. Sometimes I'm like "Oh, yeah, hey, hi!" and know who you are immediately because of your user name. Sometime, however, I don't. And when I don't recognize your user name, or know anything about you from your Twitter profile, I'm tempted to click "Decline." Most of the time, that's exactly what I do.

I don't want to be snobby, but I only want people I know to follow me on Twitter. Therefore, just drop me a note and say "Hey, I'm So-and-So on Twitter."


Hey, that's a sensible approach to Twitter. It's pretty easy to have way more spam followers even if you are protecting your updates.

I'm qarylla on Twitter, but I don't expect you to follow me.

Hey! I'm geekpixie on twitter, and I'm already following you, I think. But anyhoo, just so you know, etc, etc.

Hi! I am a new blog reader and I'm knewbieknits on Twitter. Merry Christmas!

Great to see you back on the blog, though I enjoy the Twitter too! After the story in the Globe about the Charlie card Mittens I started following you, so it's great to do both and Ravelry too...guess we can't read too much about knitting can we?


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