Mystery Subway Crocheter of the Week (Cold Weather Edition)

What caught my eye about this knitter was the color of her yarn. As you may have heard we New Yorkers are all about black, and this is even more true when the weather gets cold. But there she was with that beautiful violet yarn hooking up a storm, all the while a real rainstorm was raging above ground.


And, wow, my apologies to anyone who came to the city this weekend, especially Saturday. Can you say "Nasty?" I've seldom been happier to enter my building's overheated lobby. Soup was on the stove, carols were on the radio, and I was on the couch--knitting.


I love that yarn =D I am actually drinking coofee, I hate it but it is so cold I just can't make myself drink iced tea:-(

Welcome back! It's nice to see your postings again. Congratulations on the marriage. Enjoy your couch time, the holiday craziness will be upon us soon enough. When do we see what your niece is getting this year?

Everytime I spy a knitter/crocheter on teh Orange Line I think of you. Seen a bunch this year. Even someone doing Tunisian Crochet.

Glad to see that you are back!! And many congratulations to you and Sven. You make a very attractive couple.

Yeah! You're back! I had nearly given up hope. I am glad you have begun posting again.

Missed your blog.

Congratulations to Sven and every happiness to you. The wedding picture is lovely - did you make your dress?

Colleen, congrats to you and Sven. Glad you're back to blogging!

Glad your back, missed your blog. Did keep up with Twitter and Ravelry, posts. Keep warm.


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