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I should really talk about my own knitting (such that it is) but before I do, let me share this with you and ask some questions.


I saw this advertisement on the R/W at Rector late last week. First, let me ask you about the style. Can you think of any guy you know who would wear a sweater like this? I can't. That neck/collar design looks like a chest-hair prosthesis.


Second, look at the price. $14.95! Fourteen US Dollars. That's like, what, EU1.50? :-) What the heck is in that yarn? If I were a stronger person, I would brave the crowds at H&M just to see. But I'm not going to do that. H&M normally is bit of a scrum. I can't imagine what it would be like near Christmas.

Before I leave today, I just want to say thank you for your continued compliments on both our wedding and my return to blogging. For many different reasons I needed to take a break from blogging (and knitting in general) over the past several months. Maybe it was the wedding, maybe it was some kind of long-extended adjustment reaction, maybe it was just that I needed to let my brain fill up with some ideas. I don't know. It's good to be back, however.


My husband wouldn't wear it, and neither would any of my male friends even the ones that are more of the fashion plate set. Unless a guy was pretty slender I think the extra crud around the neck would just make them look bulky.

Necktube is laughable.

Nope, I don't know anyone who would wear something like that. Does that say more about me than about men's fashion though?! Not sure. It is horrible though.. I bet it's pure acrylic (and probably made in a sweatshop to boot). Even the model looks vaguely disdainful.

I may venture up to the one at Downtown Crossing for you. It's not very scrummish in the evenings.

Hmmm, maybe in Europe men might wear that. Maurizio used to wear some pretty strange things when he first moved here from Europe (England).

I know someone who has that, actually: he was terrifically excited to have bought it the day after Thanksgiving on sale. Perhaps you can't tell from the billboard, but the neck piece is separate from the sweater.

I was utterly baffled, but apparently it has its fans.

Like Mim says, I think "neck tube" is hilarious H&M-talk for "extremely chunky cowl." I have a guy friend who LOVES H&M, he's probably wearing this right now.

I'm sorry but that cowl looks like a snake that is ready to swallow his head! I know no man ( or woman) who would wear it, much less well.

strange looking and the color, oh no way...

Aaah! That sweater is trying to make me forget your fantastically amazing news that I totally missed! Congratulations!

LOL! Mebbe it's a goiter cover. I simply can't imagine that ghastly collar on any self-respecting fellow - no matter how fashionable.


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