Things I Don't Like

This morning, I do not like the New York State Senate. Although my Senator supported the equal rights of all of his constituents yesterday, the majority of his colleagues did not. New York State: you can suck it!

It must also be said that I've never fully liked my digital camera. I've never been able to produce great images with it--every one is so blue, and the battery life is terrible. This camera reality is highlighted by the fact that my darling husband is now the proud owner of a Nikon D90. Oh, I don't have much of a clue how to use it, but that shutter makes the most delightful "ca-thwip" when you press the button. It is very truly satisfying. *ca-thwip* *ca-thwip* *ca-thwip*

I'm not getting a D90 or any other kind of DSLR. It's just not practical. You see, in my other life I spend a lot of time hanging around construction sites, old buildings, scaffolding, you name it. A point-and-shoot is just more what I need those situations.

So, to be more accurate, what I really need is a point-and-shoot that makes me happy.

Oh, and it's also time to admit that I don't have a clue in h-e-l-l about this Google Wave. Can somebody tell me what it is supposed to do?


The "blue" in your photos could be an easy fix - check your manual for how to set and change your White Balance - leaving it on auto leaves a lot to be desired if your looking for better photo's. Hope that helps!

Might as well ask for a new camera for xmas eh???? I got an invite to Google Wave the other week too! I believe they are trying to change the way email works... its sort of a combination of email and chat together... how to explain it.... try checking out their videos on it! :-)

I think Wave will be good for collaborative work with a modest number of people. Not that I've had an opportunity to use it that way yet. o.0

No clue on the wave. I'm still learning how to use my new phone :)

I feel the same way about our camera, especially the battery life. I feel like I'm a really bad photographer, but when I was on vacation I used my FIL's camera and got decent shots so it isn't just me.

I haven't figured out the Wave either. As for the camera, do as Chris suggested and learn how to change the white balance.

Googlewave is a place where my knitting friends and I can have an online conversation in real time. I got an invite about a month ago and send invites to my friends and we're still feeling our way around but we are getting a little use out of it. You can't do much on there yet, though, it's just a preview.

I was just about to suggest you adjust the white balance on the camera, and I see that several others have already done that. So, yes, the NY legislature sucks. I just don't understand what people are afraid of. And, welcome back, stranger! Four posts in four days! Yay!

Do you need an invite or something? I actually worked with the Google Wave team (I'm a security/privacy person), so I might be somewhat helpful.


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