Don't Read My Blog Today

Read theirs. It's really funny, and inspirational in many ways, I only wish that they knit!

Thanks to Kat for the link!


I love Margaret and Helen. Don't you want to join them for a cuppa?

This is an amazing blog! Thanks for forwarding it!! My dad needs to read it (they say what he thinks).

I hope you're doing wonderfully!!

Holy Cow, what a great blog! Thanks for passing it on.

I've been a fan of theirs for some time now and am looking forward to Helen's review of Sarah Palin's book. If you haven't already, go back and read her review of Ann Coulter's book.

That was hilarious! I will have to add this to my delicious.

Margaret and Helen are the best! I've read them since the election last year and they always say just what I'm thinking.

She's a delight! Many thanks.

And it's good to "see" you again, now married. Glad it went well. Enjoy your first married Christmas!

Thank you for the link! That blog is very funny. Also, I'm glad you are blogging again.

I need to keep reading that. It's awesome. xo

Congratulations...and the two of you look so fab.....I am always knitting on the subway too bad we haven't crossed of these days.

cg now knitting in florida for the winter.....

I have now found another blog to read! Thanks so much for the fun link.


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