2009: Year in Review

...yeah, right. If only I had the energy to give you a knitting year in review. Besides, you don't care! You're too busy getting ready to party.

Y'all have a great time tonight. Be careful, drive safely (if you're planning to be out on the roads), and all that good stuff.

We'll ring in 2010 with some dinner and dancing. These guys are the band, the 21 Club is the venue.


Sometimes we do manage to take advantage of the amazing city in which we live.

This is a picture of Sven and me, but not at 21 and not dancing to Double Down. This was at our second wedding party in Cologne. Why yes, I did knit the bolero I'm wearing. Deets to follow in the new year.


Oh such a good pic, very handsome couple. Have fun tonight, stay safe. Club 21..oh the menu, sounds wonderful. You two have a fun night, wish I was your age again. Happy New Year, btw love the knit top.

That band is amazing! Craig and I are now planning our Christmas Hotel NY Overnight trip (gift from my Mom to be redeemed in 2010) around seeing them - it says something about an ongoing gig there on the website.

And maybe I'll see you when I come in alone for a NY yarn tour sometime in late Jan/Feb??

That's a great picture of you!

Happy holidays and safe partying to all.

Nice pic! Koln is one of my favorite cities in Germany. Hope you have lots of fun, dance an extra one for me! We are going bowling! That's what happens when you have teenage kids!
Stay safe and have a Happy New Year!

Congratulations on your nuptuals. Best wishes for 2010 and on and on. Looking forward to reading you again!

What a great picture of the two of you.

Happy New Year to you both.

Wonderful photograph! Congratulations! Very happy couple. Enjoy hope all was safe and Fireworks surprise and wonder.
Super Happy New Year.

Thanks for sharing a bit of yourselves with us. Happy New Year to you both!

And nice job on the bolero.

super photo. wishing you and sven a happy 2010!

Ben and I rang in 2009 at the 21 club! Hope you had a lovely time.


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