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I own this domain, and I pay for server space. I might as well use it.

I'm still a subway knitter, but I'm also a subway reader, subway daydreamer, and subway observer. I'm going to change up the blog a bit. It's time to start including bits of the everyday from this wacky city where I live.

I observed this midday Wednesday while riding an uptown R:


How it reads:

"Robert Patterson look mad ugly -- all those girlz who be fightin' over him is fxxxin' dumb"

Poor Robert Patterson. I'm sure that the writer is just jealous.

Oh, yeah, and Sven and I got married:


Photo Credit: Daniel Krieger, Daniel Krieger Photography


Congratulations! Was it a good party? You looked like you were having fun.

Talk about burying the lead! Congratulations!!

Congratulations! I *love* the way you wore your hair!

Congratulations! And welcome back to blogging.

"Oh yeah" indeed. Congratulations!

Oh, I do love New York! I'm quite amused by the self-censorship in the graffiti... very mindful of them, I guess.
And, oh yeah, congratulations ;)
You look very elegant and beautiful - that neckline looks gorgeous and I really like your hairstyle and headpiece... elegant is definitely the word.

Congratulations! You guys look so happy :)

Congratulations Colleen! You and Sven look so happy - I am thrilled for you. :-)

Aww... congrats! Nice to see you pop up in my RSS reader again. :)

Congratulations, Colleen and Sven!!

Congratulations! That dress looks great on you!

congratulations! :) and I look forward to more subway-related posts. :)

"Oh, yeah" - you two look great. Congratulations!

Congratulations, Colleen! I look forward to hearing more whenever you feel like posting :)

So glad to see you're back!! And congrats :)


I love the photo! Congratulations :-) You look perfect as the gorgeous bride and you both look so happy!!!

Was even thinking of you this weekend while walking down 5th avenue and trying to convince my Mom to take the subway (she didn't!)

Congratulations on getting married!!!

Congratulations! I wish you all the best.

Loved the wedding pic, GORGEOUS! Good to hear from you again. Hope all is well.

Congratulations to you and Sven!! I'm very happy for you (and glad to see your entry on your blog... I miss your blog)!

Congratulations! Most excellent news.

Congratulations!!! Looks like it was a wonderful day!

Congrats! Glad to see things are going swimmingly in NYC!

Congratulations! I have missed your posts but glad that you are well and had a happy wedding!

Hurray for you!

Oh, Congratulations!!!

So lovely to see you post again! (also, for whatever it's worth, I read her graffiti as "Pattenson", so technically only one letter wrong, but still amusing. :))

Beautiful! Congratulations!

Welcome back! I know we "talk" via twitter, but I've missed the blog!

I knew there was a reason you'd been on my mind of late: lots of positive, important events going on in your life!

All best to you and Sven. You look beautifully happy together.

Yay! I missed your posts. Your wedding picture is beautiful! Congrats to both of you!

Congratulations!!! You both look so happy, I wish you a life time of happiness together.

I missed your blog, I love reading about your life in NYC--it is soooo different than small town Wyoming living.

Congratulations! Looking forward to your new observations from the subway. :)

Holy smokes! Congrats!


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