I Guess...

I guess that I've fallen off the blogging bandwagon. But then again, so has everyone else. Where are we lately? Well, we're on Twitter, and Facebook (okay, I'm not on Facebook) and Ravelry, and Flickr, and, and, and. The population of Blogland seems to be falling.

Maybe it's because I tend to tweet about whatever suits me at the moment, but I've been pretty good about keeping this blog mostly about knitting. Maybe I subconsciously want to blog about that crazy guy I saw on the train last night. Maybe I'll start doing that, when the spirit moves me.

Whatever. I'm still good for the occasional post or two. To tell the truth I haven't been knitting all that much. I can't even use the wedding-planning excuse, because most of my tasks are done. Yes, I wrote "my." There's someone else involved with this wedding who still has a slightly longer to-do list. But that's not my problem.

The lack of blogging and noticeable knitting product hasn't stopped others from encouraging my efforts. To wit:


Yup! It's a label, a clothing label. Five hundred labels to be completely accurate. I'm supposed to sew one of these things into each and every one of my FOs (that's finished object). At the rate that I am producing FOs, it's going to be a very, very long time before I get to the bottom of that box. Oy! Maybe I should add some yarn to the wedding registry.

I never thought that I was worthy of my own clothing label. Sven's parents, apparently, thought differently. These labels were, I'm happy to write, my birthday present, and they were a complete surprise. They arrived one Friday afternoon via FexEx.

Actually, FedEx misdelivered them to a building down the street, and picking up this package was a bit of an adventure. After a bit of scrambling around lower Manhattan, I finally had the package in my hands. "What is this?" I thought. I noticed the customs labels. I knew that it was from Germany, and I had a pretty good idea that I was from Sven's parents. That part was easy. After all, how many people do I know in Germany who would send me a package?

So, I had better get knitting!


Very cool labels! When's the wedding day? Did you ever tell the story of how you and Sven met?

Hey Colleen, we were just talking about you at Knitsmiths yesterday! We all send our best wishes and wonder when the wedding date is also (we thought October, were we right?)

Happy knitting!

Hey, Grandma had her own labels, you should have some too!

Hi you! I love the labels - maybe you can put them in some old FOs that always seemed to need labels?

Glad to hear you are doing well -- thought of you yesterday when I was at the Barking Crab - last time I'd been there was w/ you guys! Take Care --- Thea

Hey Girl,
Congrats on the upcoming wedding...
Miss you on the Orange Line !

Yarn on a wedding registry? I'm making a mental note... : )

Congrats on the engagement and best of luck with wedding plans!

Glad to see you back on the blog.

What a sweet gift! You have good future in-laws!

Maybe Sven's parents want hand knits! It's certainly a cool way of indicating it (my MIL effectively puts in a custom order, which is both good and bad).

Great labels.
No, I don't twitter and can't figure out the communication on Ravelry, I DO facebook but only to post pictures. Anyway, I am glad that you are living life, not just blogging about it.
If and when finally get a blogsite, blogging will be a lost activity. oh well, I guess I can't keep up.

Well! I finally came to New York and got on that horrible noisy subway up there and then the buses. I had all day to have fun.
I went to see the http://www.gagosian.com/artists/pablo-picasso/
Picasso show there at the gagosian Gallery and there are two Galleries next door - One Has Ping's Snake you can walk up and next door to the Ping installation is Sophie's Letter.
I bet you would love the Sophie's Letter. The address for the galleries is: 522 West 21st Street. I know you would be inspired by the artist that all replied to the letter that artist Sophie asked them to respond to. Oh, the Picasso's are being sold to private owners. Will not be seeing those paintings for some time.
Happy Birthday!!!! Great Gift .

Love these labels, such a completely thoughtful gift:)

Love the labels! Hate when packages get delivered to the wrong place.


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