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I Guess...

I guess that I've fallen off the blogging bandwagon. But then again, so has everyone else. Where are we lately? Well, we're on Twitter, and Facebook (okay, I'm not on Facebook) and Ravelry, and Flickr, and, and, and. The population of Blogland seems to be falling.

Maybe it's because I tend to tweet about whatever suits me at the moment, but I've been pretty good about keeping this blog mostly about knitting. Maybe I subconsciously want to blog about that crazy guy I saw on the train last night. Maybe I'll start doing that, when the spirit moves me.

Whatever. I'm still good for the occasional post or two. To tell the truth I haven't been knitting all that much. I can't even use the wedding-planning excuse, because most of my tasks are done. Yes, I wrote "my." There's someone else involved with this wedding who still has a slightly longer to-do list. But that's not my problem.

The lack of blogging and noticeable knitting product hasn't stopped others from encouraging my efforts. To wit:


Yup! It's a label, a clothing label. Five hundred labels to be completely accurate. I'm supposed to sew one of these things into each and every one of my FOs (that's finished object). At the rate that I am producing FOs, it's going to be a very, very long time before I get to the bottom of that box. Oy! Maybe I should add some yarn to the wedding registry.

I never thought that I was worthy of my own clothing label. Sven's parents, apparently, thought differently. These labels were, I'm happy to write, my birthday present, and they were a complete surprise. They arrived one Friday afternoon via FexEx.

Actually, FedEx misdelivered them to a building down the street, and picking up this package was a bit of an adventure. After a bit of scrambling around lower Manhattan, I finally had the package in my hands. "What is this?" I thought. I noticed the customs labels. I knew that it was from Germany, and I had a pretty good idea that I was from Sven's parents. That part was easy. After all, how many people do I know in Germany who would send me a package?

So, I had better get knitting!

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