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Taxi Cab Inspiration

Hi, remember me?

I'm telling you, if you want lots of time to do stuff around the house DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, move to New York City. It's not like I'm even partaking in very much that the city has to offer. Sure, yeah, there's German class (the term is over, and I decided that I'm taking a term-long break), there's Spiders, there's Prospect Park two blocks from chez Subway Knitter (although one wonders if this should become Subway Knitter Haus), there's the gym (but lots of places have gyms), there's the theater (where I was an audience member), there's dancing class (swing), and there's all the other daily-life stuff that get in the way of a productive knitting life.

But others are more fortunate in the fiber-time department. So, before attending the above-mentioned play I hopped a cab from the East Village (where I was attending a benefit concert). Stepping into the cab I noticed this:


Headrest covers crocheted in Colombian-inspired colors! How homey! I immediately recognized that they were homemade, and asked the driver about them. "My wife made them," he said.

Apparently, some people--like the cabdriver's wife--have more time for yarn than I do. Maybe they live in Yonkers.

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