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At this point, I do not need another hobby to occupy my time. As it is, I'm trying to keep up with my knitting and find some time to learn how to crochet. My sewing has fallen away. I find this unfortunate, but not surprising. I'm not sure why the days seem shorter in NYC, but they do.

I won't admit to enjoying sewing as much as I enjoy knitting, but I do enjoy the ability to make things which I wouldn't normally find in a store (or if I did find them, they would cost the earth). Via Twitter yesterday, I noticed that the fine peeps over at Purl SoHo have released a new sewing book. "Ho hum," I said. "Who needs a sewing book?" I do, apparently, because I want to make everything in it!

weekend-sewing-cover 0227.jpg

(Photo snagged from Purl Soho's website, but saved to my own server.)

Heather Ross has written Weekend Sewing. I have no idea if the projects in the book can actually be accomplished in a weekend. In my experience a three-hour skirt usually takes the better part of two days for me to complete. No matter.

I'm just linking to the post in The Purl Bee about this fantastic book.

It's all I can do to restrain myself from clicking over to Amazon (okay, I did add it to my Wish List) then signing out on a "site visit" in the Garment District for the rest of the afternoon. It's very, very tempting. At this point, the last thing that I need is yet another project.


i just looked at that book last weekend! i really love the photography in it and the feel of the book. i ended up going with another title, though, that covered a wider range of project basics. BUT, when i do get a few spare bucks, i'm picking this one up just for the beauty of it.

I love the look of the skirt on the front cover!

I have a lot of patterns, but what I really need is a book that covers basics and how to draft patterns for those basics for my own body. One good book like that would save me a lot of money on patterns for this and that!

Dude! I felt exactly the same way about that book when I saw the Purl Bee post on it yesterday... right to Amazon to add it to my wish list, and then to Heather Ross's blog to add it to my Bloglines, then to obsessing over the versions of that beautiful blouse that she linked to on her blog... Ahhh, I need it too!

Why not join the rest of us with not enough time and too much to do? It's crazy, but we do have a good time of it. All crafts have an appeal to someone, but if someone is attracted to all crafts, well...maybe just keep it to the needle arts.

Besides, there are some things that simply must be sewn.

Surrender, Subway knitter - resistance is futile.

heather ross has such great style. it would be hard to resist her!

It's great - I just picked it up last weekend and want to make everything in it! :)

Thank you!! ordered in on amazon...looks great...


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