It's Been a While, No?

It's been a while. I didn't intend for that last post of gloom and doom to stay on top as long as it did. Life got in the way of blogging. I guess that's a good thing. It shows me that I'm not wasting this place known as New York City.

Life may have gotten in the way of blogging, but it most certainly has not gotten in the way of knitting. I've been busy as a bee with that.

Today, however, I'm thinking that it's nice and cozy to be inside and wrapped up in some cashmere:


This is the Invisibility Cloak from Charmed Knits. And when I say that it's THE cloak, I mean just that. It's the same item! I knit the sample for the photo shoot.

The yarn is some HipKnits Laceweight Cashmere. It's luscious stuff, and proves what we already know about the fiber: cashmere is soft, light, and oh-so-warm.

I heart NY! I heart Cashmere!


I don't think I've been following your blog for even a year yet, so I missed that you actually made THE Invisibility Cloak. (Insert fangirly squeal here.)

That's very cool!

How pretty is that?! Not being an HP fan, I never explored the book. That gorgeous "cloak" is giving me second thoughts.

That sounds yummy... Even though my office is nearly 80 degrees right now!

Hi, Colleen!

I remember you were trying out a lace pattern for a friend on the train one morning. Is this it??? It's absolutely beautiful! I'm a HP fan, too.

So you're making an appearance in the invisibility cloak? (Sorry, couldn't resist!).


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