Busy as a Bee!

A bee, I tell you! A bee! There has been so much knitting around here that I haven't had time to sit down and blog about it. There have been the usual suspects: the Sophie Shawl is growing, and I'm slowly moving along with Claudette.

In the midst of this, I'm also working on a baby project for a coworker's son, born two weeks ago. It's my usual striped baby sweater. This time I'm knitting it in Lion Brand WoolEase. Some of you, I know, are cringing at the mere mention of an acrylic yarn. Subway Knitter ain't no yarn snob, and she will not stick a high-maintenance garment on new parents.

Of course, valuable blogging time has been sucked up by other matters:


Yes, we had to take some time out on Monday to celebrate Rosenmontag at Loreley. We drank a few beers and watched a rebroadcast of the Rosenmontag parade in Cologne. You need to do all this in costume because...well...that's what you do. Notice my costume? I'm a bee!

What's a great thing about living in New York? You can be wearing a bee wig (complete with glittery antennae) on the subway, start to knit, and nobody thinks anything of it. Then, some guy in a crazy hat starts taking your photograph, and nobody bats an eyelash:


K├Âlle Alaaf!


OK, only because I'm the first can I say..... YOU'RE A KNITTING BEE. hahahahahahahahahahahhah.

Moving on, the costume looks great - esp the hair. Never even heard of said holiday, but if you can dress up and drink beer, why not, right? Glad to hear life is good and you are hearting NY - and can't wait to see that finished claudette! xo

You and Sven look FAB-U-LOUS! I do love your hair and boa.

People don't normally bat an eyelash at weird get ups (at least not anymore) on the T. Probably because of all of the convention goers with their anime and vrock based costumes!

I love the bee wig. I'd wear it to work, because it is too funny!

I totally agree with you about not giving high-maintenance garments and other knitted items to new parents!

And the wig-boa combo is fab! :)

You two are so cute!
I've never been to NY let alone ride the subway, but it sounds like anything goes on it. Here in small town Wyoming people would be laughing and asking a ton of questions--just in case they were missing out on something they should be a part of.

You look good as a semi-blonde. Of course, the antennae really make the outfit.


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