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Just What I Need

At this point, I do not need another hobby to occupy my time. As it is, I'm trying to keep up with my knitting and find some time to learn how to crochet. My sewing has fallen away. I find this unfortunate, but not surprising. I'm not sure why the days seem shorter in NYC, but they do.

I won't admit to enjoying sewing as much as I enjoy knitting, but I do enjoy the ability to make things which I wouldn't normally find in a store (or if I did find them, they would cost the earth). Via Twitter yesterday, I noticed that the fine peeps over at Purl SoHo have released a new sewing book. "Ho hum," I said. "Who needs a sewing book?" I do, apparently, because I want to make everything in it!

weekend-sewing-cover 0227.jpg

(Photo snagged from Purl Soho's website, but saved to my own server.)

Heather Ross has written Weekend Sewing. I have no idea if the projects in the book can actually be accomplished in a weekend. In my experience a three-hour skirt usually takes the better part of two days for me to complete. No matter.

I'm just linking to the post in The Purl Bee about this fantastic book.

It's all I can do to restrain myself from clicking over to Amazon (okay, I did add it to my Wish List) then signing out on a "site visit" in the Garment District for the rest of the afternoon. It's very, very tempting. At this point, the last thing that I need is yet another project.

Busy as a Bee!

A bee, I tell you! A bee! There has been so much knitting around here that I haven't had time to sit down and blog about it. There have been the usual suspects: the Sophie Shawl is growing, and I'm slowly moving along with Claudette.

In the midst of this, I'm also working on a baby project for a coworker's son, born two weeks ago. It's my usual striped baby sweater. This time I'm knitting it in Lion Brand WoolEase. Some of you, I know, are cringing at the mere mention of an acrylic yarn. Subway Knitter ain't no yarn snob, and she will not stick a high-maintenance garment on new parents.

Of course, valuable blogging time has been sucked up by other matters:


Yes, we had to take some time out on Monday to celebrate Rosenmontag at Loreley. We drank a few beers and watched a rebroadcast of the Rosenmontag parade in Cologne. You need to do all this in costume because...well...that's what you do. Notice my costume? I'm a bee!

What's a great thing about living in New York? You can be wearing a bee wig (complete with glittery antennae) on the subway, start to knit, and nobody thinks anything of it. Then, some guy in a crazy hat starts taking your photograph, and nobody bats an eyelash:


K├Âlle Alaaf!

It's Been a While, No?

It's been a while. I didn't intend for that last post of gloom and doom to stay on top as long as it did. Life got in the way of blogging. I guess that's a good thing. It shows me that I'm not wasting this place known as New York City.

Life may have gotten in the way of blogging, but it most certainly has not gotten in the way of knitting. I've been busy as a bee with that.

Today, however, I'm thinking that it's nice and cozy to be inside and wrapped up in some cashmere:


This is the Invisibility Cloak from Charmed Knits. And when I say that it's THE cloak, I mean just that. It's the same item! I knit the sample for the photo shoot.

The yarn is some HipKnits Laceweight Cashmere. It's luscious stuff, and proves what we already know about the fiber: cashmere is soft, light, and oh-so-warm.

I heart NY! I heart Cashmere!

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