Moving Into the Weekend

And it's a loooong weekend around here!

I think that I'm slowly solving the spam problem around here. Besides lowering my spam filter's threshold of what is marked as spam, I've also added quite a few words to a keywords filter that's installed. None of these words are new to me, but when I sat down to compose the list, I really had to think about them. I guess that I should be thankful that these aren't a normal part of my vocabulary.

The only problem is that if any of you start using dirty words on my blog, they'll get picked up as spam, and your comment quickly dumped. So, be warned. For that reason, I check the spam filter every, just to make sure that no "real" comments get mixed in. So far, no problem.

There's also been no problem with the knitting around here. I need to take an accurate gauge counting of the Claudette swatch, and I seem to think of it only as I'm rushing out the door for work. Normally that would be a problem, but because I'm working the Sophie Shawl on the side, I'm never far from subway knitting:


love the color, and it looks so soft and spring like. stay warm, Iowa's sending our deep freeze your way, actual temp -22 right now. Dotti

You can always tell those plastic seats! Kudos for knitting lace on a train!

Hope that spam problem halts soon!

Kudos on cleaning up your spam problem. I would hope that spammers would give up, but they are just using bots and don't really care where the spam ends up.

Love the color! I can't wait to see the finished project. I hear you about remembering things at the wrong time, for me its when my head hits the pillow!

good luck with the spam filtering! did i install akismet for you? that seems to work well for me but i don't think that i get the kind of traffic you do :)

I saw that Claudette on your blog and have already made it out of alpaca. Don't worry too much about the gauge, it's totally adaptable to head size when you make the knot bit. Don't be put off! It's a cute hat.

First, let me say that I’m a huge fan of your posts. You’re on my List Of Ravelry Favorites, and I often share your stuff with my knitting friends.

I am writing everyone on my Favorites List with a couple of questions. If you can answer them for me, it would be a HUGE HUGE HUGE favor. Really HUGE.

Thing is, I am writing a piece on Ravelry for my college magazine. Topic is WHY Ravelry is such a huge success. I need opinions from fellow Ravelers like you to back up this claim I am making.

These are the questions:

1) Why did you choose to join Ravelry?

2) How did you learn about Ravelry?

3) What does Ravelry give you that other sites don’t?

4) Absolutely anything else you’d like to share with me on this subject.

My quandary is this: I love the site and come here almost every week to look for knitting tips and ideas. (I haven’t joined yet, as I am too shy to talk of my own work…)

I want to understand why others do the same. Each person must have his or her own reason and I am very curious to understand this trend.

Once I write the piece, I intend to send it across to Bob the dog. Maybe, he will post it on the site to encourage newcomers or even use it for other promotion purposes.

Thank you in advance

Keep writing, keep sharing, keep creating
Warmest regards

My Email address is:


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