In Between

By the end of last week, it was clear that I was in between projects.

The swatch for Claudette was finished and is not blocking.


Yes, I'm being extremely careful with my gauge swatch this time. The store sample was a bit tight on me. I can fix this by knitting the band about a half inch longer. I do not want, however, the hat to droop over my eyes. That's a bad look no matter how you cut it. For this reason, I'm swatching.

While the swatch dries, I'll switch back to Sophie's Shawl.

I'm also dealing with a sudden increase in comment spam. I turned up my filter, and that worked for about, oh, a day. Now, I'm also banning the spammers (I'm not sure what effect that will have, given that these spammers are probably using fake IPs). If any of you receive a message that you were banned (it wasn't on purpose, trust me), contact me.


Claudette swatch looks so soft! What yarn is it?

You could try some other antispam plugin. I am not leaving you a link here, but something from the first page of google search results for "typepad-antispam" could help you. Also I suggest removing the name of your blog's platform from the code, if it is possible, because it can make life a bit more difficult for spam bots. Oh, and I've heard that renaming files like "mt-comments.cgi" (and tweaking the main page's code again) might help.

I Am having similar issues on my site, though it may just be because if I posted more often, real people would comment, and it wouldn't be such an easy target ;)

Can't wait to see your Claudette. It's going to look adorable on you! :) long as I'm just banned and not banished, I'll have no issues surviving!


PS - This might be the first comment I've left for you in the entire time I've read your blog!

Hopefully your spam problem will go away soon! I had that problem for a while when I was self-hosting and using MoveableType, but it thankfully went away when I converted my blog to Typepad.

This is going to end up gorgeous. I love the color that you chose!

That hat is unbelievably cool!

That hat is perfect for you.


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