Café KIPing

I cannot remember the last time I did this. It might have been in Boston. No, no, on second though I think that I did make it to the Freeze Peach in Astoria one afternoon. But that had to be over 18 months ago. I'm sorry to hear that the Freeze Peach closed.

Anyway, I recently found myself in Boerum Hill (that's the Bo of BoCoCa--the fancy-pants conglomeration of neighborhoods in brownstone Brooklyn) with time to spare. It was cold, so I ducked into a café for a quick coffee. [I must agree with some of the reviewers who wrote about the burnt coffee. It certainly will not go down as the best cup of coffee in my life. Still it was a nice space. Next time, I'll get tea.] As I sat with the sunshine warming my back I remembered what it was I used to do when I sat in a café.


Ah! I could really get used to this. Perhaps this should be a New Year's resolution: more café KIPing.


that is definitely something that i miss doing now that i have the kid :)

Sounds like a lovely afternoon! I can't believe that Freeze Peach closed :( Where is the Astoria CSA going to distribute?

Mmm, I'm a fan of the Cafe KIPing, as well. But w/o the burnt coffee, please!

I need to do more of that too. Exercise and knitting - a great combo.

I miss doing that. I don't have any excuse. It just stopped happening.

Ah, the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Blah, nothing worse that burnt coffee, especially if you get a flavored latte/cappucino, etc. Ruins the sweet flavors. Here's to a better cup next time. Great knitting/coffee/relaxing pic!

Lovely to get to do that. It feels like stolen time somehow. I'm planning to visit NYC the end of this month and hope to go to Purl. Have you been? Is it worth the trip? Easy by subway from LaGuardia?

Oh I used to be such a café hag, but it's been ages since I've been!


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