Another Hat to Love

I'm a little late finding Twist Collective. I heard buzz about it in Blogland, but somehow never quite figured out what it was about. Yesterday I finally wandered over to the Collective's website. First, let me just say that I wanted to add the entire issue to my Ravelry queue. Great job, ladies!

This hat in particular caught my eye.

(Once again, photo stolen, but saved to my own server.)


Yes, yes, it's another hat. And, yes, it's a felted hat. Don't ask me where I'm going to find a top-loader to do some felting. But, still, I like it. Maybe there's a laundromat around here that has an old machine lying around.

I have to remark that this model has the most amazing eyes I've ever, well, laid eyes upon. Do you think that they come with the hat, too?


I don't think the eyes come with the hat, both of which are amazing. I'd love to have big expressive eyes like that, but they would constantly be hiding behind the glasses. Not so useful after all.

I love the Twist Collective, but haven't taken the leap to buy a pattern to make (mostly because I can't decide which one to do first).

The Twist Collective, never heard of 'em before, but now I have! ^_^ The hat looks cute, let me go wander off and see what else they've got.

The doe eye'd look has only served to get me carded way more than necessary, LOL.

What a beautiful hat - so classic...

You could have a lot of fun the trim, too. A good excuse for a visit to Tinsel Trading or M and J Trim.

Ooh, that hat is really cute!

Whoops, left my comment in the wrong place...but I'm sure you figured that out by now. Apologies.

Oh man! That is a GREAT hat, I think I want to make it too. If you're stuck, and in my neighborhood, you can borrow my top-loader.

You, my dear, would totally ROCK that hat! And no worries: you have beautiful eyes.


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