Thanks a lot. Seriously. I had asked for reasons NOT to make the fantastically bowed cardigan from Thursday's post. What do you say in response? "Make it for the rehearsal dinner." "Sew something similar." "Oh, yeah, you could totally sew something like this." Ironically, the cardigan's designer was the lone voice of reason in this discussion. She even helped me practice my German a bit:

I am very happy you like my design. However, even I have to talk you out of making it for a wedding. This is supposed to be for outside, when it's cold. The bow can be worn as a scarf, but... again... that's better outside and when it's cold... If you wanted something with a bow, the other posters already said it, and if you can sew, you should sew it. However, you could always consider making the jacket for another occasion. :) And I don't think the bow is pinned in place for the picture [emphasis added], it holds up like this on its own. But it obviously has some weight and for everyday wear, I'd rather wear it like a scarf.

Anyway.... Weiterhin viel Spass bei den Hochzeitsvorbereitungen und alles Gute! Grüsse aus Paris.

Gotta love those compound nouns in German! Hochzeitsvorbereitungen? Wedding preparations.

The comment also solved one mystery: the bow is not pinned, it stays up that way on its own. How cute is that?

The bowed look is not the only way that one can wear this pattern. [I totally stole these photos from Julia, but I saved them to my own server.]


Mmm, yeah. This is not helping me one iota. Now to take a crocheting class?


I love the sweater, but more wanted to say that I love German compound nouns, too! I took German in high school, and our teacher dazzled us by writing the word for "factory where they make windshield wipers" on the board. It was awesome.

OK -- helpful, but not sure HOW helpful.

Maybe you really mess with gauge and design and see how it goes to make a dressy more feminine version? The designer said this was meant to be for cold weather not indoors, so.....

I see the shape a little like buttony, with a higher neck and fitted waist. Knit it maybe out of garter or twisted rib for the texture and use a thinner more dressy yarn - maybe something like an alpaca light? Something with a little heather and softness to it. Add a bit of waist shaping and fancy buttons. And the groovy mulit use bow!

but there's a lot of math and design involved.. You're smaht, give it a shot! .

after seeing these additional pics, now i really want to make it!

the crappy part is that in your quest to talk yourself out of it (which is going so well for you!) i've talked myself into NEEDING this jacket!

The new pictures really sway the decision to the Make It side of the argument...

I am sorry, I think I may have missed your last post. I love this sweater & it's crochet! I, for whatever reason am having serious issues learning to knit, crochet, no problem but knit, OMG! I am gonna investigate this lady's blog & see what other projects loom on the horizon. Thanks for sharing, sorry I am not much help.

We were supposed to be helpful?

It would look really good on you! You could make it with a lighter weight yarn to make it more appropriate for the temperature.

Or you could save the pattern and make it after the wedding as something special to wear around NYC on blustery days.

Oh yes, love those long words. My husband always jokes we have only three words in German and make the rest up by combining them. Still, that hasn't triggered him to go and learn it as you do.
As for learning how to crochet. Honestly, this pattern is specifically aimed at beginners. It couldn't be any easier. Just one simple stitch... over and over again, but still just one simple stitch. You don't need a class to be able to do that.

Und nun packe ich meinen Koffer fertig, morgen geht's nach München.

Dude. That is cute and all. But please run out and buy yourself cute clothing for wedding/rehearsal dinner/etc. Although you are an accomplished and competent knitter, I really think putting knitting stress together with wedding stress is a non-stellar idea.

My two cents, worth what you paid.


Wedding? Oh holy cow, woman! I leave the blogosphere to worry about (and work on) the Obama campaign, and I miss all *sorts* of stuff.

First, I am so happy for you. Second, congratulations. Third, better make it cashmere. Fourth, viele gluck mit Deutschesprachigen.

I can see this sewn up in a nice 50's retro print. Take it on vacation, sit by the rocks at the beach with a pair of Wayfarers and a gimlet and channel your inner Audrey.

I just don't get 3/4 sleeves on sweaters. Too much of cranky yankee, I guess.

I have to say--I agree with the idea of not crocheting it *for* the wedding--but it might be a fun project to be working on around the wedding--once you learn the ribbed stitch you'll find it very relaxing, AND you can then wear it for your German party which I think is a great idea!

I really love the sweater. I think it would be lovely to wear at the rehearsal dinner, even if the sweater is supposed to be for outdoor weather.


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