Oh Goodness....

So, I promised you all that I wouldn't turn this into a wedding-planning blog, and I promised myself that I wouldn't set any impossible goals by trying to knit something for me to wear at the wedding, but then I saw this:


That BOW! How cute is that? [We won't get into the whole bride-as-gift, thus bride-as-object symbolism.] Okay, okay (and here's where things will start to go horribly, miserably wrong), I would need to make some changes. Like, that whole crochet thing. I have nothing against crochet, but methinks that I would want to change the stitch pattern of the overall sweater so it didn't look so chunky. Spider Nancy has some absolutely lovely crocheted sweaters. Perhaps I could pick her brain.

And maybe I would need to change the sweater's overall shape. Something a bit more fitted, cropped. A bolero, perhaps?

That bow! [It's pinned in place, right?]

Instead of the wedding, perhaps I should think about wearing this to the German party. What party, you ask? We're having a big ol' party in Cologne two weeks after the wedding to celebrate with all those who couldn't be with us in New York. But still, I would need to improve upon the stitch.

But that bow! [It would be way too heavy and hot, right? Bad for dancing, right?]

Talk me out of this. Please!

That bow! [Maybe for Kate?]


As your sister, I should be helping take you out of this but sorry. I think that sweater is adorable. Wouldn't work for dancing but rehearsal dinner maybe?? The bow might get to be a bit much after a bit but does it have to be tyed into a bow? Maybe a scarf or something?

Get some fabric! You crazy sewing lady you! Make a cute jacket, with a bow, a big bow out of duponi or something else light and full of body. Either that or make it out of kidsilk with copper wire in it because you're never getting that good heavy OOMPH out of a lighter fabric...unless you starch it...

ugh, forget I said that ;)

Amber is right, sew sew sew! It would be faster and with better results. Knitting anything yummy would require stiffening for the bow which totally defeats the purpose of the bow. I love the idea of a short crop jacket, you could even do short sleeved, Noro has a great pattern in their "Little book." I knit four of them for Christmas in less than a week each!

I am very happy you like my design. However, even I have to talk you out of making it for a wedding. This is supposed to be for outside, when it's cold. The bow can be worn as a scarf, but... again... that's better outside and when it's cold... If you wanted something with a bow, the other posters already said it, and if you can sew, you should sew it.
However, you could always consider making the jacket for another occasion. :)
And I don't think the bow is pinned in place for the picture, it holds up like this on its own. But it obviously has some weight and for everyday wear, I'd rather wear it like a scarf.

Anyway.... Weiterhin viel Spass bei den Hochzeitsvorbereitungen und alles Gute! GrĂ¼sse aus Paris.

You could knit yourself a skirt and incorporate the bow into the waist band. I mean, doesn't everyone love a butt bow? *ducks*

What a gorgeous cardi!! I think you could make the bow smaller (if you think that it is too voluminous) by making it shorter. It looks like it's a scarf that is attached at the collar and tied into a bow, right? I think that you can easily adapt the crochet stitch into a similar knitting stitch (brioche?). And use a yarn that wouldn't make you as warm. Well, I guess it depends when you are getting married. Will it be warm weather or cold?
It's going to be awesome! I love it :)

Too hot and floppy. You could blind something wit that bow while dancing with them.

Very cute for winter, but I agree. Changing it to a knit would be better.

Does that help you at all?

I wish I could talk you out of it, Colleen. But... that bow! It's absolutely fabulous!


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