Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week (Christmas Red Edition)

So I'm riding the 4 train down from the UES (that's New York for Upper East Side) and I spy a woman two seats away who's knitting like crazy with some red yarn. Hmm, I thought, must be a Christmas gift. It was indeed. Turns out this woman (who instantly slid over to me and asked what I was knitting) is an UES nanny and is making a red hat for one of her little charges.


And, some UES family is getting a steal of a childcare deal: according to this woman she makes $600 a week for a 60-hour workweek. [Love it when I get subway TMI--too much information.]


Wow. That makes me love my job all the more!

Merry Christmas to all !

Wow. Despite the urban slave wages, she still has the desire to knit for the children.

Merry Christmas to all. Even the UES Scrooges.


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