Mystery Airport Knitter of the Week (RDU Edition)

The title says it all. You and I boarded the same flight on Saturday, both bound for JFK. I noticed the needles as you stood a few people in front of me.


I saw you there, wearing that red plaid shirt and holding that green bag. The Shepard Fairey Obama button telling the rest of us that maybe you were one of those that helped NC to go blue in November.

Then on the plane (and I wish that I had been able to snap a photo of this) you were working with huge needles. What on earth were you knitting? A rug?

Of course, you were long gone off of that plane by the time I passed your seat (that 90-minute delay was a bummer, no?) so I won't know for sure.

Unless you're reading here, oh mystery knitter.


How do you take such stealth pics? Great capture. I sat by a knitter on a flight back in May. I was sitting right next to her and her husband on the plane but it was fantastic and pure luck to see that! ^_^

I agree with Anna - nice photos! I always feel self-conscious when I take out my camera or point my camera-phone... I guess it takes much more sneakiness than I have!

On another note - I didn't know we could take knitting needles on planes again! Good to know :) I knew crochet hooks were ok, but I played it safe back in Nov when I took a flight to St. Louis, MO and left my knitting at home...

Sneaky sneaky! Were you in Durham-Chapel Hill? Love that area,hope you had a nice visit:)

I would love to purchase the pattern for the subway mittens. I don't know how else to reach you, so, I am hoping that this gets to you.
I do a lot of charity work with a group weekly , called " Knitting Grannies" we knit for the homeless and those in need and the soldiers at war.
. These would these would be great. If you would let me know the cost, I would really appreciate it. Thanks much


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