I've Found It

No, no, not the perfect yarn with which to crochet the Fantastically Bowed Cardigan (Julia calls this the Big Bowed Cardigan). That pattern calls for Naturally Naturelle Aran 10 Ply, and you can buy that here.

When I get around to crocheting this sweater--and not necessarily for the wedding--I think that I had better stick with the yarn specified in the pattern. In case you bothered to look at the link above (don't worry, I'll wait...) I think that colorway 200, the blue one, would be nice with my eyes, no?

No, not that project. What I did find was another project for my Blue Sky Alpaca yarn. I bought the yarn to knit Ooh La Lace Stole. As I wrote previously, I'm just not at a point in my life where a 25-row chart is a good thing.

I was at The Point on Friday. The Point has lots of hat samples gracing the shop, and if there's one thing I always like to knit, it's a hat. This hat in particular caught my eye:


[Once again, I totally stole this photo. This time it's from The Point's Ravelry page. Somehow, I don't think that they'll mind, given that I'm telling all of you to GO OUT AND BUY THIS PATTERN FOR A VERY CUTE HAT. The photo of the hat I took in the store didn't come out, and you need a very clear photo in order to explain the appearance.]

It's Claudette (Rav link), and once I saw it and tried on the sample I knew one thing: I had to have it. The designer (Erin Butler, Assistant Manager of The Point) used Ella Rae Lace Merino, but I'm not too taken by the available colorways. Besides, when I was at The Point I said to myself "better look in the stash".

Of course, what did I do when I got home? I looked at WEBS. [Incidentally, why do we knitters always capitalize WEBS? Is it an acronym? Or, is it like the way that everyone writes IKEA. IKEA. WEBS.] What's out there for DK-weight yarn? I realized that the pattern's gauge works well with Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk. Ravelry link here. Blue Sky Alpaca and Silk, a yarn which I already own.

It's a Christmas miracle! Speaking of which: have a great holiday!


That's a snazzy looking hat.

I always capitalize WEBS, because it is done that way in their logo. It just ends up looking weird if I try to do it the other way!

Happy holidays!

I am so going home and dropping all other projects for this one. It is gorgeous! Thanks for the link.

So, your stash is WEBS? LOL! That's a really cute hat ... I am thinking about it (and I am not a hat person!).
Merry Christmas.

Cute hat, and Alpaca Silk i one of my all-time favorite yarns. Guess I'll have to finally get myself down to The Point in the new year.

WEBS is not an acronym, it's just how the owners decided, way back when, to write it. :) I used to work for the current owners Steve and Kathy. :)

4 words: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool

Nuff said.

Cute cute cute! And it is a Christmas miracle. :)

Love on a hat display. Who knew? I must have this sweet cloche.

OOOOH! Pretty! It is a Christmas miracle!

Holy moly. I just your post, called The Point, and now I'm impatiently hitting refresh on my inbox for the pattern! Enabler!

v. cute hat! i'm sure it'll be darling on you!

That is a freakin' fantastic hat!!!!! Thanks for the link!


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