It's Time to Face Reality

It's time to face the reality that I'm really NOT loving the Ooh La Lace Stole. Too bad, as I spent viele Geld on that Blue Sky Alpaca yarn. [See--German! Maybe all this work actually paying off.]


Not to fear, though, as I'm sure that I'll be able to find something else to do with it...soon.

Why don't I enjoy this knit? First, it has to do with the chart. It's a long chart--25 rows. it's impossible for me to memorize, and it's so freakin' easy to lose my place in it. Second, it has to do with facing another type of knitting reality these days. I ain't got no time to knit! And, I ask you: when I do have time to knit, why would I spend it by working on a project that I don't like?

I suppose that I would enjoy this project more if I regularly had long stretches where all I needed to do was knit. Apparently, my New York life is not going to allow me copious amounts of knitting time. It's not a bad thing. I have other responsibilities, an engaging home life (It's interesting to live with someone who seems genuinely happy to see me in the evening), a social life, and only one more "accelerated" German classe left before the semester ends. I'm hoping that once the course finishes I won't feel guilty every time that I decide to do something besides studying, reviewing, memorizing, and writing exercises.

The realization that I don't really like this project was reinforced by a knitting project I began and completed a couple of weeks ago. Sorry, no pictures. It was a gift. I suppose that I should have taken a photo before gift wrapping, and well I didn't. But imagine two garter-stitch squares. Yeah, it was a simple, quick, satisfying project that reminded me that I really do like knitting, when I don't need to make a project out of remembering the project that I'm knitting.

So, with that in mind I grabbed some stash yarn and began to swatch:


I grabbed this Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky last spring at Brooklyn General. I have no idea what I'm working towards. I consulted a few Spiders about adjusting the gauge for the FLS, and I received a resounding "no!". Okay, that's some good advice from people who know. Also in the queue is another one of Shannon's great turtleneck sweaters. Who couldn't use another turtleneck in this weather? I think that this yarn would work perfectly for that. But can I commit to another sweater right now? Maybe I want a different project.

Perusing the stash last week I came across a Morehouse kit I bought last year at Rhinebeck. I had wound up the yarn and everything. I looked at the pattern. Hmmm, a four-row repeat, three rows of which are garter stitch. Somehow I think that I could handle this.

So, Sophie's Shawl it is. A few rows in, and all seems well. I hate to write that though, because I think I have said that about so many projects in the past year or so.


Hi you! Welcome back. Sorry the shawl turned into the proverbial bump in the railroad, but am sure that yarn can be re purposed into something fab soon. In the meantime, enjoy your Shannon Sweater.... me

Love that dusty blue! And hurrah for projects that one might actually knit :)

yep, if it's not going to work you might as well RIP and start something new! that morehouse shawl is really pretty! sounds like a good project.

Good for you for giving up early in the game. Think to many of us try to soldier on and end up really hating the project and of course never wearing it.

Love the Sophie's Shawl. What a simple but cool look for a shawl. Reminds me of the beach for some reason.

There are way too many cool things out there to knit--no need wasting time on something you hate.

That's why we have stash.

Knitting and inspiration for it will find its way. Enjoy your happy distractions--yarn doesn't go bad!

I understand how hard it is to stay focused when your time is so limited. If the project isn't giving you any joy, time to retire it.


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