Dear Interweave,

Hi! It's Subway Knitter. Yeah, you know, the "designer" of the mitten with a pocket. Remember? Winter 2007 issue? You send me a check every few months, and hey, it's starting to really add up. [No kidding here, grocery money is grocery money no two ways about it.] Yup, that's the one.

Well, anyway, um, the reason that I'm writing is that I happened to be on Knotions last week (hey, the new edition is up and, Jodi, it looks great). You know, I happened to see this review. Wow, that Boutique Knits is one heck of a great knitting book. At least, I think that it is. I wouldn't really know, given that I don't have a copy of the book.


You know how sometimes, entertainment-type people get the whole special-treatment thing? Yeah, well, this whole royalty-check thing we got going makes me feel like an entertainment-type person. Does everyone get a royalty check from you? I think not.

This brings me to my point. What do you think about giving me, an entertainment-type person who gets a royalty check from you, a copy of that book? Yeah, come on. It's a great deal. I get a free book, and you get the satisfaction of knowing that yours truly is going to be reading that book everywhere. I'll have it on the 2/3 train and the 4/5. Perhaps, it'll even be on the Q. I'll have you know that I'm in Midtown Manhattan, like, once a week! Just imagine what will happen when I start wearing the projects that I knit from the book (like that cute hat from the cover). Well, you just can't buy product placement like that. And with that book in my hands, you won't have to!

Think about it. Your people can talk to my people, and then we can all do lunch, okay?


Subway Knitter

p.s. Please. Pretty please?

p.p.s. Sven? Hello? Reading here? Hint, hint.


I think you can totally strike a deal here ;) The book is worth it! (Got it over a month ago, made a hat, and didn't even blog about it!).

Your blog is much more popular than mine or I would be trying that tactic too (though I'll admit that I mostly ride the red line and the orange line, but I walk all over the Boston / Camberville area).

Good luck on getting the book! It looks gorgeous (and all of the projects I've seen are really stunning).

not sure that interweave will pony up, but I'm betting Sven's good for a hint or two here.....

glad to hear you back on the internet these days!

Good luck, you mitten making rock star.


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