Um, Wow?

Thank you, thank you for all your well wishes and congratulations! I'm was totally floored by all of your comments. Wow!

It's been more than a week, and Sven didn't ask for the ring back (ha--good luck, buddy!), so I suppose that this whole wedding thing is really going to happen. I promise not to turn this blog into a wedding planning site. That would get boring for you, and more importantly, boring for me. You don't come here to read about the wedding, you come to read about the knitting.

Here's what I'm working on now. It's the Ooh La Lace Stole [Rav link] from Lace Style. I'm using Blue Sky Alpaca--the yarn specified in the pattern! Long time blog readers know that this almost never happens.


Here's another photo:


As you can see, I don't know how to take a good photo of this lace.

I am enjoying the knit so far, but it's slow going (like just about all of my knitting projects these days). I knit last week only at Spiders, and probably the same this week again. Why? How do you say "German is kicking my patootie this semester" auf Deutsch? It's an accelerated course, and man, it is sehr schlecht. It's funny, because I knew that the course was accelerated when I registered for the class, but the implications of the "accelerated" designation didn't register with me. It's a good workout for the brain, but it's so fast that it's almost not enjoyable.

Let's just hope that the German doesn't supplant the knitting math.


Dein Deutsch ist sehr gut! The knitting is great too! Lace is really hard to show but the light background helps somewhat. Can hardly wait to see it done!

Your knitting math should be safe and think of all of the German patterns you'll be able to use without too much more effort!

So, does the guy get a sweater? or do you wait until after the wedding? I've been married for 25 (only knitting for 7, though) and he's gotten one very lacy (not by intent) hat and a really nice scarf. But them I am also very slow.
Congrats and bien suerte with the German ( I don't know any German)

Ooh, lace! Unfortunately, I don't own Lace Style, and for some inexplicable reason, there's no pic of this shawl on Ravelry. It looks like you'll be the first raveler to knit this?! Ground breaking :)
I think it's awesome that you're taking all these German classes! German is hard :(

Just caught up with your news - congratulations!

Nearly twenty years on, my husband is still waiting for his sweater....

Which subway line do you ride. I ride on the A,C, mainly and M4 bus. I do not see so many knitters. Best wishes on your engagement. cecilia

Lovely lace!
Belated congrats to you. I think my reader ate your post, just saw it now. Ah well. Congrats! Whatcha' knitting him now? :)


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