Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week (14th Street Edition)

Hmmm, maybe I can do every other day blogging. How would that be for everyone? It's not like I have enough knitting progress to show you all something every day. I can imagine the posts, "Look, everyone, two entire stitches!" I should at least show you four :-).


Anyway, I happened to catch a knitter waiting on the platform at 14th Street. Cleverly tucked behind the blue pillar, we will never know much about this woman.

Oh, and I wanted to say something about my knitted dress post from a few weeks ago. According to the comments a lot of you were bothered by the bobbles. I didn't expect that. Apparently we have a very strong anti-bobble readership chez Subway Knitter.


So what's next on the knitting schedule - have you decided if it's for Kate or you? and yep, I'm anti bobble.

Must be a spy that knits.

I'm totally pro-bobble, just in case you wanted to know.

I think bobbles are pretty interesting as long as they aren't located in certain critical areas of a garment if you catch my meaning.

Yuck to bobbles! Can't you tell, she is stretching. Getting her hands ready to knit! When you get to be a certain age stretching is a good thing!

I'm with Dava...I've suffered bobble trauma. The "Bobbles the Sheep" washcloth drove me nuts. My friends in the Newark Knitters can attest to this.


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